Before my epic Providence tasting dinner, we stopped by Scoops Ice Cream, which is quite close by. I first visited Scoops here and fell in love with the place.  The little ice cream shop has a huge fan base because of its cheap prices, generous scoops of ice cream, and endless list of crazy flavor combinations.

One “scoop” is priced at only $2.75, but it’s actually two humongous scoops of ice cream and I usually have trouble finishing my one scoop.  With one scoop you can also choose two flavors.

On any given day you will be treated to about a dozen flavors of fresh homemade ice cream. The only staple flavor is their popular brown bread. The other flavors rotate daily. Since there are so  many different flavors (and they are always coming up with more and taking suggestions on their suggestions board), there’s almost always something new to try.

Bunny Buns

There have been so many bread roll recipes recently that I’ve been wanting to try. With Easter just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to try making bunny shaped breads.

There are a couple of places that I eat at that I don’t usually take photos of because I feel a little odd blogging about it.  Souplantation falls into this category. I guess I feel that it is well known enough that there isn’t much to review or share.

I like to visit Souplantation every once in a while when I’m in the mood for soup and hot muffins. I tried to take some photos of a recent trip, though I kept forgetting to take out my camera.

Here are some of our plates of salads:

Clam chowder. I always make sure to get this one.