Those pumpkin bread rolls I previously made disappeared pretty fast. I decided to make them again, but instead as loaves. I made one regular loaf to be used for French toast at a later date. I also decided to try my hand at a double braided loaf. It looks pretty cool and it’s easy to make because it’s basically just one braid sitting on top of another braid.

Recently, I was provided with a $50 gift card to try out Walgreens Photo Center. Since I recently just got back from vacation, it was a perfect opportunity for me to make a vacation photobook.

One of the great things I loved about Walgreens Photo Center right off the bat is that the majority of photo products are ready in one hour. In addition, Walgreens is open 24 hours a day, meaning you can get your photo products almost instantly. For example, I actually finished my photobook at 1 am and the photobook was ready at 2 am. I didn’t actually go out at 2 am to get them, but I liked the convenience.

Last year I found a recipe for a pumpkin butter cake that I knew I just had to try. I wanted to wait for pumpkin season to make it, so now that it is pumpkin season, I finally got a chance. Since this is a loaf cake, it also gave me a chance to use my pretty pumpkin loaf pan.