As you may recall, I have an obsession with collecting and tasting various Kit Kat flavors from Japan which offers hundreds of flavors, some specific to a certain region, some produced as limited edition ones, and a few new flavors that come out every year.

At the start of the New Year is when you’ll usually see a few new limited edition ones or new flavors. Some can be found at the various Japanese markets like Marukai (check Marukai Value if they are sold at at the Marukai supermarket), Mitsuwa, and Nijiya. Some sadly, can only be found in Japan.

I’ve recently tried out a few more new ones from frequent visits to the Japanese markets mentioned above and also order some direct from Japan through J-List.

Matcha Sakura

I got these very recently from Marukai Value (also saw them at Nijiya) after a tip from SDFoodTrucks who had visited after I gave them a tip about finding Strawberry Cake ones.

I’ve had matcha in the past, but I was curious of the addition of Sakura flavor. These were quite sweet and I honestly couldn’t taste the sakura blossoms. I do love the packaging though.

Strawberry Cake

I bought these a few weeks ago from Nijiya. And I have to say, they taste remarkably like strawberry cake. Not just like strawberries, but actually like a white cake batter mixed with strawberries.


These are limited edition ones from Japan which I bought from Jlist. A surprising flavor since cinnamon is rarely used in Asian cooking. These kit kats had little crunchy bits embedded inside, like cinnamon crystals. These did taste mildly of cinnamon, the brown kind, not the spicy one. I liked the crunch of the little crystals.


Puesto, an upscale casual Mexican street food eatery, recently opened in downtown La Jolla.

I was recently invited to check out the new eatery and meet one of the owners, Eric Adler, who co-owns the restaurant with his brother Alan Adler, and the restaurant Chef, Luis Gonzalez.

The restaurant makes everything in-house, including their salsas and stone ground corn tortillas. They also use local and seasonally organic produce from Specialty Produce, all natural meats, grass fed beef, and sustainable seafood.

Once we entered, we were greeted to bright vibrant colors. Food is ordered at the counter, but to help make the process easier, servers present you with a paper copy of the menu and help you choose your order before you reach the front. You can check out the full menu here.

I was most interested in the tacos, so I chose two tacos. I was hoping FH might choose the salad bowl or guisado bowl, but he chose tacos as well. Oh well, we’ll have to try them next time.

For each taco, you can choose one meat (fish, shrimp, chicken al pastor, carne asada) and one gourmet vegetable (Huitlacochoe (corn truffle); zucchini flower; potatoes with chiles or soy chorizo; and mushrooms with Guajillo chiles). Or you can choose two vegetables. You then choose a variety of toppings, fresh vegetables, and salsas.

After creating a low fat version of my peanut butter mug cake, I attempted to do it again with the strawberry mug cake.

I played around with a few versions before finding one that worked. I don’t think this low fat version worked as smoothly as the transition from regular peanut butter mug cake to low fat peanut butter mug cake. You can tell it’s a low fat version of the original and the cake texture does suffer some of its fluffiness, but it does work if you are looking for a healthier treat.