I haven’t had much time to do holiday recipes this year, so I’m really happy I was able to make this drink before July 4th.

I had a snow cone drink for the first time at Dave and Busters recently. I thought it was such a fun twist on an alcoholic beverage and decided to make my own red, blue and white ones for July 4th.

I’ve been wanting to do this recipe for a while now, so I don’t know why it took me so long to get around with it. After making homemade Nutella chips, I knew I wanted to try combining them with the chewy Nutella cookies I made previously.

The combination was amazing. Nutella in the batter, Nutella melted and swirled through the Nutella chunks. It’ll be hard to say you can’t taste the Nutella in these cookies.

When I visit San Francisco, one of my “must stops” is Humphrey Slocombe, an ice cream shop servings all sorts of unique and crazy flavor combinations.

They offer 10-12 flavors daily and rotate amongst their many flavors. You can view the complete list of flavors here.

Sometimes there is a line out the door but it usually moves pretty fast. The staff is patient and friendly and doesn’t mind that you may take several minutes to taste test and mull over your options at the counter.

I love coming to try new flavors, though my favorite is also their best-seller: Secret breakfast. Bourbon laced ice cream mixed with crunchy cornflakes. When I first heard the description, I wasn’t convinced. This sure wasn’t a combination I’ve ever eaten for breakfast. But it works. And it’s addicting. If I lived close by, I would by a gallon of this stuff and it daily.

Secret breakfast and black sesame