If you haven’t yet tried or heard of them, Five Guys is a popular burger chain that originated on the East Coast. It is often compared to In-N-Out for those of us on the West Coast.

However, while In-N-Out remains only on the West (to the despair of my Cali friends who have moved to the East Coast), in the last few years Five Guys has expanded across the US, and now has many locations on the West Coast. I’ve seen quite a few pop up in San Diego this year.

This weekend, we noticed the opening of a new one in the Costa Verde plaza, and decided to stop by for lunch.

There are many things about Five Guys which I think make it so appealing and popular. While it is a fast food shop, the burgers are made to order and completely customizable. There are a few basic burgers to select from, and then you are given a list of toppings you can add (all free). With each topping, you also have the option of choosing a light layer, regular, or extra.

A recent article on Serious Eats featuring Brazilian cheese puffs had me craving these chewy treats again.

I’ve made them before, but I previously only knew them as Korean tapioca bread (also sometimes called mochi bread in Japanese bakeries).

I go through a lot of different cravings. The theme for these past weeks seem to be desserts involving oreos. Last week I made some chocolate oreo stuffed cookies.  I still had some oreos leftover and wanted to make another oreo dessert.

I saw cheesecake cookies covered in crushed oreos on Brown Eyed Baker. I knew I immediately had to try these. I’ve never had a cheesecake cookie before but it sounded delicious. Covering the cookies in oreo cookie crumbs makes these cookies look even more appealing.