Bread and Cie is my favorite French bakery in San Diego and I like to stop by whenever I’m in the area for some treats. They also serve a breakfast and lunch menu, but I haven’t yet checked it out.

We recently paid a visit to Bread and Cie, and after browsing the various desserts, I chose a few to take home.

I’ve found a new love.

These cookies may look very plain and simple, but I am absolutely addicted to the taste.

I’ve made Brazilian cheese bread, Pao De Queijo, a few times on this blog, trying out different recipes.

I love these chewy cheese puff breads so much that I’m always eager to check out more recipes. Recently I decided to check out a different recipe. Rather than just following it as is, I wanted to play around with the flavor.

I originally wanted to a jalapeno version but I didn’t have any peppers.  Instead I decided to add an American twist on these Brazilian breads, by adding bacon bits and cheddar cheese.