I love sugar donut muffins. They are so easy to make and they taste a lot like cake donuts, but much healthier. I’ve made them multiple times now but I realized recently that I never put the original version on this blog. Instead, I’ve done all the variations on the original recipe.

So here is the original version. A sugar donut muffin that is then rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture. They might look as cute as ones dipped in chocolate or some of the other versions I’ve made, but they still taste delicious.

There are many March babies and I’m one of them. Normally I look forward to my birthday, but I was dreading this year’s. I’ve been dreading it because it’s a big birthday. It’s the entering of a new decade in my life. To help ease the pain, I planned a lot of eating adventures so I had something to look forward to. One of these eating adventures was to try out the full tasting menu at Providence LA.

Providence LA is one of four restaurants in Los Angeles to have been awarded 2 Michelin stars in 2009. The fiance and I previously dined at Providence last year during their anniversary special when they temporarily reduced their 5 course tasting menu to $65 per person (now currently priced at $95 per person). You can read about our previous experience here.

Bacon popovers

I have a lot of bacon in the house and have been sticking it in everything to use it up. I really enjoyed the popovers I made a few weeks ago. They were very airy, light and chewy. They tasted good even after they were cold.  I decided to try making ones with some bacon.