I have this list I’ve made of all the places I want to eat at in New York City. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some days off to go visit soon and fulfill that list, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be making it to the big city any time soon.

One of the places on my list when I eventually go is Momofuku Milk Bar. Momofuku has produced some pretty interesting desserts such as their crack pies and compost cookies. Since I can’t go to NY anytime soon, I thought I’d try making my own compost cookies.


I often turn to mmm-yoso for inspiration on places I want to eat at.  Recently, Kirk of mmm-yoso has made several visits to Alforon (found here, here and here) and so it went on my to-do list. Obviously I wasn’t the only one who wanted to visit after these posts, as Cathy from mmm-yoso, CC from Pink Candles at Ridgemont High, and Carol of CAB Cooks recently visited as well.

My experience with Mediterranean Lebanese cuisine is pretty limited. When we stepped in, the owners immediately pegged us as newcomers. The woman who helped us out (I didn’t get her name), was very friendly and nice. She sat down next to us and explained their whole menu. It made me feel like a kid, playing at a friend’s house, and the owner was like the mother of my friend, sitting at the kitchen table and giving us snacks.

Alforon specializes in an oven baked flat bread. Their menu consists largely of the flat bread with various toppings. It resembles a flatbread pizza.

We started out with some humous, which was accompanied with flat bread pieces.

I’m not very good at decorating cupcakes. It’s something I’ve been trying to work at. Not too long ago I saw these beautiful cupcakes decorated to look like hydrangeas on Glorious Treats. I was enchanted by the flower cupcakes.

Then I learned that these elegant looking cupcake decorations are easy to make. You just need to get the Wilton 2D tip, which pipes out the flowers. And you simply pipe out one flower on top of another. It’s wonderful and if you mess up, you can just add another flower over it.