San Diego Restaurant Week is once again upon us (Jan 15-20 though many restaurants are extending through Jan 27.) We missed the last SDRW due to being out of town, so we are attacking this year’s first one with a vengeance.

First up, Croce’s Restaurant & Jazz Bar, which we were actually invited to a sneak peek of prior to the start of SDRW, thanks to McFarlane Promotions.

Croce’s is a small, intimate restaurant located in the gaslamp district. It is owned and run by singer and song writer Ingrid Croce, as a tribute to her late husband Jim Croce, who died tragically in a plane crash in 1973. I knew very little of musician Jim Croce before dining here, but I was immediately drawn to his and Ingrid’s powerful love story that continues to live on (along with his accomplishments and music) through this restaurant.

We were greeted by Ingrid Croce herself, who was sweet, warm, and energetic. The walls are decorated with photos, albums and other Jim Croce memories. Next to the main seating area is a bar and live Jazz band.

Croce’s is offering a three course menu at $40. Our server helpfully guided us through the restaurant week menu which includes many additional items not listed on the SDRW website. I love it when restaurants offer more than the standard three options for SDRW.


We started with a fig and honey cocktail.

The cocktail was sweet and tasted very much of figs and honey. There were even tiny fig seeds within the drink.

We were then presented with a bread basket with slices of olive bread. I’m not usually a big fan of olives but I really enjoyed the mild olives used to make this bread.

Jamaican Jerk Braised Baby Back Ribs
roasted corn polenta, mango mint salsa and shaved fried onions

This was the item that most appealed to me on the appetizer selection, and was recommended to us by our server as well. I wasn’t disappointed. The meat was fall-off-the-bone tender and quite flavorful. I loved the corn polenta and the mango salsa as well. My only warning about this dish is that is quite spicy. Those with a low tolerance for spice may want to stay away.

Everyone’s already given up on their New Year’s resolution to be healthy and lose weight right? Because I made a recipe this weekend that is really delicious, but also not very good for you.

Last year, when I created my bacon fried eggs, several people commented that it reminded them of Scotch eggs. I had never heard of or seen scotch eggs, so I immediately researched it. Scotch eggs are basically cooked eggs covered in a layer of sausage and deep fried. Yum.

So this weekend I set about making scotch eggs for the first time. But I added my evil twist on it, by covering the scotch eggs in bacon before frying them. Because bacon makes everything better. And because no one wants to choose between bacon and sausage. Right? I know I hate making that decisions at breakfast places.

Hoai Hue

Ever since experiencing our first Bun Bo Hue (Vietnamese beef noodle soup) at Mien Trung, my brothers have been pretty obsessed, visiting almost every week.

I’ve been curious to explore Bun Bo Hue and Bun Rieu (crab noodle soup) at other places, so we recently went to check out Hoai Hue after reading good reviews on yelp.

On the menu, I liked that there were different choices to customize your Bun Bo Hue. Full menu can be found here.

We were served a plate of shredded vegetables to be added to the hot soup.

I chose the Bun Tom Cua (shrimp and crab noodle soup), which I believe is the equivalent to Bun Rieu.

It arrived bright pink, full of shrimp balls.

One thing I noticed right away was that the soup wasn’t hot enough to cook the raw vegetables. I also thought the taste was a little bland.