I recently came across the recipe for Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Mudslide Cookies. Since I’ve been enamored with his chocolate chip cookie recipe, I was excited to check out another one of his creations.

These cookies require a lot of chocolate. A lot. My new supply of chocolate is almost gone after making these. The dough is made up of mostly melted unsweetened and bittersweet chocolate and calls for just as much chopped bittersweet chocolate to be added as the chips.

Elizabethan Desserts offers some of the most adorably decorated cupcakes I’ve even seen. They are not only cute, but they have clever names as well. Where else can you find a pistachio cupcake called The Mustachio adorned with a mustache?

The location is interesting. It’s actually located inside a nursery. Once you arrive, there are several signs to direct you towards the bakery. The bakery makes everything from scratch and they offer cupcakes, pies, and cookies.

The cupcakes come in both mini and full sized ones. I chose to get mostly minis  so I could sample more.

Mouse Doughnuts

So this was another attempt at a cute animal shaped donut, but they didn’t come out as successfully as my bear ones.

Last week, I saw a few people twitter the most adorable image: Japanese cat doughtnus. Then Serious Eats picked it up as well. You can view it here. Aren’t they some of the cutest donuts you’ve ever seen?

I wanted to try making my own. Mine didn’t come out as well. First of all, I should have read the post better to understand how to make them. The japanese version uses almonds for ears. I tried using dough, but when I fried them, the little dough ears lost their pointy texture and became flat and round. Not having the pointy ears made a huge difference. I think they look more like mice now, so that’s why I titled them mouse donuts.

Also I didn’t have time for the two tones colors, like the brown and white ones in the Japanese version.