Recently I was contacted by a PR representative for Souplantation. She had come across my previous post on Souplantation, and offered me two complimentary passes to check out the new seasonal menu offerings at Souplantation.

After a particularly hard workout, I was feeling quite achy and tired the other day, and having some hot soups and fresh muffins sounded perfect for dinner. So off we went to redeem our complimentary dinner passes.

Cherries were featured on the menu that night (unfortunately, I couldn’t get this post out earlier and the cherry menu ends June 28. However, if you sign up for souplantation emails you will get emails with new features and menu items, so you can always be informed as to what is being featured when.)

We started off with our salads.

My oreo kick continues with these no bake cookies and cream bar treats. Similar to a rice krispies treat, crushed oreos are held together with marshmallows and butter.

The end result is a yummy, chewy, cookies and cream creation.

It’s officially summer. I love summer. Summer means warm weather and sunshine. And best of all, summer means lots and lots of ice cream.

While ice cream is an all year round treat for me, in the summer I can eat a ton of it without people questioning me.

Last week I took out my Cuisinart Ice-Cream Maker to make a fresh batch of ice cream. I’ve been wanting to try avocado ice cream for a long time, and with some ripe avocados on hand, I got a chance to do so.