Did you know that if you cook pizza dough in a waffle iron, it comes out tasting like Eggo waffles? That’s what I learned this weekend in the midst of a failed recipe experiment.

After making this discovery, I decided to try making some savory pizza waffles by adding pepperoni and cheese to the dough and popping it into my waffle iron. It took a little longer to cook, especially if you use a thick layer of dough, but the result was pretty tasty.

FH and I have been going to Pearl recently for dim sum. It’s a little farther drive for us, but it’s not nearly as crowded and service is pretty good.

There’s almost always a wait at Jasmine or Emerald on weekends, but Pearl tends to have a lot of open seating still, probably because it’s located in Rancho Bernardo.

Here’s some pictures I took from a recent dim sum lunch:

Shrimp Shu Mai

Shrimp Har Gow:

This is probably our favorite item to get at dim sum. The wrappers were a little too sticky and gummy on this visit, but still decent.

After discovering what Greek yogurt can do to a chocolate cake, I became obsessed with trying more recipes with nonfat Greek yogurt as a healthy substitute.

First, I created these cookies. I loved loved these, even more than the cake.