For Easter I made the sour cream yeast rolls. My family doesn’t really celebrate Easter in the traditional way, but since it is such a big holiday in the US, we had our own little Easter brunch celebration.

With three locations in San Diego and hundreds of positive reviews on yelp, The Mission is a popular brunch spot.  I’ve been wanting to check out The Mission for a long time now but I’m usually too lazy to go eat brunch and I don’t like waiting in line for a popular place.

With friends visiting this weekend, we decided to go check out one of The Mission locations. We went to the one in North Park. To our surprise, there was no wait when we got there and quite a few empty tables. Granted, it was almost 2 by the time we arrived, but I was still pretty surprised how empty it was.

We took a few minutes to browse through the menu. There were a lot of options and many of them sounded quite interesting. The prices were also pretty reasonable.

Pretzel Rolls

I once had these pretzel rolls that were served as a bread starter at a restaurant I was dining at. I loved the shape and look of the rolls but I was a little disappointed because they didn’t really taste like pretzels.