Cute Turtle Breads

I don’t like to have too much time to pass without making something cute. I was making some hokkaido milk bread this weekend with a new recipe which I’ll post on later. The bread recipe called for a loaf pan size bigger what I had. So I made my loaf and with the extra bread I decided to make some cute figures, like these turtles. Really though, you can use any bread recipe and save some leftovers to make turtle breads.

I love turtles so I try to make turtle-shaped baked goods whenever possible. Despite having made turtle cookies, turtle pretzel rolls, turtle steamed buns, I realized I haven’t tried to make turtle breads yet. So here are my turtle breads.

Fans of fresh made, knife shaved noodles rejoice! Finally a spot in San Diego has opened offering some delicious chewy, doughy noodles of goodness seven days a week.

I first learned about China Quick Wok, which recently opened in the Balboa/Genesee plaza that houses Little Ceasar and Cotixan, from my Baby Bro. He and his friend visited what they thought was an Americanized Chinese fast food spot, but upon entering, the owner gave BB a chinese menu when he said he could speak chinese.  She told them that they offered knife shaved noodles on the menu.

He told me they were pretty good, but when he told me the location, I had my doubts. I thought it was another chinese fast food restaurant which had been in that location for years. Since making good knife shaved noodles takes skill, I was doubtful at what that place could do.

Then last week, mmm-yoso reviewed the place, and gave it positive reviews. From the post, I learned that it was no longer the old restaurant I was thinking of, but rather a different one. China Quick Wok is run by the owner who previously ran Quik Wok in Rancho Bernardo. The former Quik Wok was also a fast food noodle shop catering mainly to an American audience, but on weekends, they would offer a chinese written menu with knife shaved noodles and some other dishes. After talking with the owner, she told me she decided to move her shop to Genesee for a better location. The original Quik Wok is still there in Rancho Bernardo, but under different ownership and no more weekend chinese menu items. Most importantly, the owner brought with her the chef who specializes in making the knife shaved noodles.

As soon as it was established that we speak chinese, she handed us the chinese menu. This menu is offered all the time, rather than just on weekends. They also have an English menu with more Americanized dishes, which I did not browse.

Knife shaved noodles are noodles made fresh, usually by hand, and then cut/shaved with a special knife device. It results in thick cut noodles with a jagged, uneven edge. The noodles are chewy, bouncy and doughy. We did get to see the chef shaving the noodles, but I couldn’t really capture it that well.

Here’s a video I found that also shows the process:

I’ve seen a few recipes for a two ingredient pumpkin cake which uses pumpkin puree and yellow cake mix only (you can view one version here). The cake comes together from the moisture of the pumpkin.  I thought I could try making cookies with this same idea since I’ve made cake mix cookies before and they came out great.