Giveaway Winners

In case you were wondering, the recent giveaway winners have been chosen. I was happy to see so many people interested, and I hope to bring you other great giveaways in the future.

The winner of the Del Mar Rendezvous dinner was entry #4 Lindsey!

The winner of the SDRW Kickoff party tickets was #8 Jinxi!

Brats Berlin

Brats Berlin is a new food truck in San Diego, owned by the same owners that also own Crepes Bonaparte.

When I’m looking for food trucks to dine at, one thing I’m looking for is a truck that serves items I can’t usually get. I don’t really want pizza or burgers. I want unique food.

One of the things that attracted me to Brats Berlin is that they serve exotic sausages: alligator, wild boar, kangaroo, and rattlesnake ($8 each). They also serve the more traditional ones as well ($6 each).

The truck also features artwork by local street artists which changes a few times a year, which really makes the truck stand out.

DH and I each chose a sausage to try.

Smoked Alligator and Antelope Andouille

I am so so so excited to share this recipe today. Not only is this pizza dough the easiest ever, but your entire pizza is ready in about 20 minutes from start to finish–including baking time. And the results are amazing.

No yeast, no rising time. The crust bubbles up and is crispy and thin. It tastes just like one of the fancy pizzas that are now trending at farm to table restaurants. This is so easy to make at home, I may never need to order it again at restaurants.

You can do whatever toppings you want. DH wanted the traditional pepperoni and cheese. I opted for a white sauceless pizza with figs and mushrooms. The possibilities are endless. Next time I want to add a fried egg, maybe drizzle some truffle oil.