Please note: This giveaway is now closed. The winner is #5 Michele!

Cascal sodas are fermented drinks made with natural juices. The result is a taste similar to wine coolers but without the alcohol. I was already a fan of the drinks when Cascal contacted me to see if I wanted to sample the sodas and do a giveaway. I happily accepted. I was given a can of each flavor in this nifty cooler lunch bag.

There’s quite a few reasons why these drinks appeal to me:

Flavors. Cascal sodas come in five different flavors. I’ve tried them all and I like them all and I like the diversity of fruit flavors offered. The flavors consist of Crisp White, Ripe Rouge, Fresh Tropical, Bright Citrus and Berry Cassis.

Nutritional Value. The sodas are flavored with natural fruit juices with no additional sugar added and are gluten free. Each can has only between 60-80 calories, depending on the flavor and between 15-18 carbohydrates. Even on my “eat healthy days,” I can drink one of these and not feel guilty.

Oreos have been on my mind for a while, especially with all the commercials celebrating their 100th birthday. I’ve also been obsessed with trying to find the special birthday oreos which have a funfetti-like filling but I can’t find them anywhere. They look like this. I tried CVS, but no luck. Anyone have luck finding them in San Diego lately?

I’ve made cookies and cream cupcakes before but this time I decided to make a whole oreo/cookies and cream cake. I think I should have crushed the cookies just a little more, but this was still tasty.


I know my Sultan posts haven’t generated too much interest on the blog, but I really enjoy it and frequent often after first discovering it from mmm-yoso. I love introducing friends to the place and everyone I’ve brought seems to genuinely enjoy it even if they didn’t think they had a taste for Turkish food.

Recently, FH and I ate there with CC from Pink Candles of Ridgemont High and Dennis of A Radiused Corner. We ordered quite a few dishes that everyone enjoyed and our total bill was about $35 if I remember correctly.

I’ve tried a lot of their menu and continue to like almost everything I order. In particular, I always want to order the appetizers/salads which are accompanied with a delicious puffy lavas bread.

Eggplant salad

This was my first time trying this and I really enjoyed the taste of the roasted eggplant puree. You can choose between a small or large order and we chose small but still got a full plate.

Antepezme (onion, hot pepper, tomato, chili powder)

This is probably my favorite of the appetizer selections.

Borek with spinach and cheese

Lots of flaky layers and it was accompanied with a yogurt sauce.