I’ve wanted to visit Bouchon Bakery for a very, very long time. So when I heard that a location had finally opened in Beverly Hills, I took the first opportunity to hop in my car and head on over.

The bakery is located on the first floor of Bouchon Bistro. The bakery front is quite small. After we got our baked goods we headed out to one of the courtyard tables to enjoy the food and view.

I really love the fountain and courtyard that sits between Bouchon and The Montage Hotel.

We got a pain au chocolat. Buttery, flaky on the outside, with just a little bit of chocolate on the inside. This was a yummy croissant.

A few months ago, I purchased these colorful soy wrappers to make sushi handrolls after tasting them during a demo. Made of soy, these are not the traditional seaweed nori wrappers used for sushi. However, they are very fun and versatile.

These wrappers are also very healthy, with the colors obtained through natural fruit and vegetable dies. You can see them with salads, fish and rice, etc. I decided I wanted to make some sort of noodle salad. There is a Japanese noodle dish often eaten cold using soba noodles. However, I didn’t have any soba noodles in the house, and I’m not a particularly big fan of the buckwheat based noodles.

I saw a version of these easy breakfast cups on Dine and Dish and immediately wanted to make them. I’ve previously made bacon egg toast cups, but these are even easier (though you don’t get the toast).


All you need to do is crack an egg into a muffin mold. And you sprinkle cheese and bacon bits on top. The original version uses ham and cheese, but I didn’t have any ham in the house. I did have bacon though.