Pretzel Rolls

I once had these pretzel rolls that were served as a bread starter at a restaurant I was dining at. I loved the shape and look of the rolls but I was a little disappointed because they didn’t really taste like pretzels.

I saw these oreo cupcakes a few weeks ago on Bakergirl and knew I wanted to try making them soon. I love the cookies and cream frosting. It reminds me of cookies and cream ice cream.

It took me a while to get to trying these out. I always dread frosting cupcakes. I’m really pleased with how these turned out though.

My original bacon fried eggs have been a big hit on the blog, at home, and with my friends. Recently my friend was reading the post while we were hanging out and she thought the entire exterior was made out of bacon. Yikes. While this sounds tasty, it would also require a lot of crumbled up bacon to cover an entire egg.

Anyhow, she was a little sad that it wasn’t completely covered in bacon. After this conversation I thought about upping the bacon factor. So I experimented with reworking the recipe to add more bacon (but still putting some breadcrumbs because I don’t want to kill the people eating these). I also made these egg yolks non-runny because I’ve had several people ask me on my recent egg posts whether they can be made with eggs that are cooked all the way through. The answer is definitely yes! You just need to cook the eggs a little longer to your desired likeness.