Bacon + Avocado is one of my favorite combinations, especially in salads, sandwiches and burgers. So for my next breakfast cup idea, I decided to try making bacon avocado cups. This may be my favorite combination yet.

Creamy avocado, plus crispy smokey bacon. *Sigh*

FH’s most recent food obsession has been Sushi Yaro. Whenever I ask where he wants to go for lunch, his answer is Sushi Yaro.

I brought my camera along for a recent trip since it’s been a while since my previous post. The lunch menu remains the same, offered seven days a week. The rest of the menu is available during lunch as well.

FH wanted two cut rolls ($7.99). A spicy tuna roll and a spicy tuna crunchy roll. It was a lot of spicy tuna…but he finished it all.

I thought the two rolls were pretty much identical except that the crunchy one had little crunchy fried crumbs on top.

I did it. I figured out a way to cook a cookie in 30 seconds.

I got the idea after making all these one minute mug cakes. I figured if you can cook a cake in the microwave, why not a cookie? You might not be able to create a cookie that is crunchy on the outside, but you should be able to make a cakey cookie.