This weekend I made lasanga cups. Because everything is cuter when it’s a mini and tastes better too. My brother hovered over me the whole time wanting to snag one before I took my pictures.

What’s funny is that I’ve never made my own lasagna before, but after making these lasagna cups, I realize how easy it is to make lasagna.

I mentioned last week that I wanted to start baking up some bar cookie recipes because they are often under appreciated. I thought I’d start off big with the ultimate cookie bar.

It combines brownies, oreos and chocolate chip cookies, so you don’t need to choose just one.

For a limited time every year, Little Sheep offers an All-You-Can-Eat (AYCE) special on Tuesdays for $19.99/person.

People familiar with hot pot in the San Diego area, and with hot pot at Little Sheep know what a good deal this is. Dubbed “Crazy Tuesdays,” you can imagine the crowd on Tuesdays as people try to get in on the deal.

Most hot pot offerings in San Diego cost about $20-25 for AYCE, and the food options are quite limited and the quality of ingredients is not very good. Little Sheep, a popular chain from China, has gained a lot of popularity because of their high quality cuts of meat (the meats practically melt in your mouth) and wide variety of hot pot ingredients. Unfortunately, they usually charge per plate, and the plates add up rather quickly and can end up being a pricey meal.

I’ve always been tempted to try the Crazy Tuesday special, but didn’t want to deal with the wait and crowds. Recently I had several conversations with a frequent commenter on my blog, Faye, and she really got me interested in checking it out. She even left me a helpful tip that Little Sheep allows reservations for parties of 6 or more.