D Bar recently opened in San Diego, next door to the highly popular Snooze. Like Snooze, D Bar is originally from Denver.

D Bar Desserts was created by Keegan Gerhard (Food Network) and Lisa Bailey. The location is quite spacious, and divided into three sections: drink bar, dining area, and dessert bar. One of the interesting aspects is that if you sit at the dessert bar, you can watch the chefs as they create the desserts.

While there, we saw Chef Keegan Gerhard himself overseeing the desserts. We actually chose to sit at a table and miss out on the action because we were there with some friends and wanted a proper table to chat.

I was surprised that there wasn’t any desserts on display or ones that people could buy to-go. There was a very small selection of French macarons at the entrance, but that was about it. Instead, the desserts are on a menu and made to order for a sit-down experience. We actually had been hoping to just browse and pick up some stuff.

FH and his buddy found the shape of these lights amusing:

pineapple v 2.0 honey cake, sauteed pineapple, macadamia tuile, cilantro, passionfruit fro yo

This reminded me of a deconstructed pineapple cake. It wasn’t too sweet, and I liked the passionfruit frozen yogurt.

d = mc²  milk mousse ∙ praline crunch∙ salted caramel ∙ peanut nib crumble

Buttery, melt-in-your-mouth, and with the flavor of peanut butter. Yummy.

I loved the Nutella shortbread cookies I made a few weeks ago. So this time I decided to make a peanut butter version. These are so good. And what I like best about them is that you can store them in a container for weeks, assuming you have the discipline to let them sit that long.


Even though the part of the Bay Area where my parents live has a large Taiwanese population, I haven’t been able to find any Taiwanese snow/snowflake shaved ice shops until now. (As a brief recap, snow ice is made with condensed milk ice blocks which is finely shaven in a special machine creating sheets of ice that are fluffy and light, tasting more like ice cream rather than shaved ice.)

Recently Red Hot Wok opened up, a Taiwanese cafe which also offers snow shaved ice. So when I was home for a visit, we went to check it out.

We only came for dessert. I didn’t take a picture of the front as it was quite dark.

I should have taken a picture of the dine-in menu, but I forgot. We were surprised by the lack of description for the snow shaved ice. They were simply labeled “mango snow ice,” “green tea snow ice,” etc. No description was provided as to what toppings would come with the snow ices and there was no option to select toppings either.

Mango Snow Ice

The snow itself was mango flavored and then topped with mango pieces and condensed milk. I actually really enjoyed the mango flavor in the ice. I usually don’t like mango flavored snow because it’s often really tart, but this version was much sweeter.

The ice was soft and fluffy, though it melted much more quickly than other snow ice I’ve had. It wasn’t as good as Class 302 (Irvine or Rowland Heights), but it was good enough to satisfy my cravings. My biggest complaint was the size. For $7.50, I really think they should have given provided more. The owner tries to convince me that it was the same quantity as Class 302, but they simply have a bigger bowl, but I wasn’t convinced. We finished this off really quickly. Normally I can’t eat an entire snow ice by myself, but I’m pretty sure I could have finished one here.