During my S’more themed baking spree, I really wanted to make S’more cookie bars. But instead of using chocolate, I wanted to use Nutella, like the Stuffed Nutella S’more Cookies.

I wasn’t sure at first how to go about it. If I just smeared the bars with Nutella, it would be messy when it was time to cut and serve the cookie bars. So then I got the idea to use Nutella chips, which I previously made for the Nutella chip cookies.

I recently went home to spend Mother’s Day with my mom. I’ll post about it soon. But I realized just how behind I am on posting about my past Bay Area meals. I still have ones from 2011. Oops. So here’s one of the meals we had in December.

For New Year’s, my family likes to celebrate with hot pot. So over the holidays we paid a visit to Hot Pot Palace Buffet. It’s been a while since we’ve visited, but it was good to see that the place was as busy as ever. You can read about my first visit here.

Here, every guest gets an individual pot, and there are 8 different broths to choose from.

They also have a sauce station where you mix your own sauce.

The raw food section offers the standard hot pot items. The selection is decent and includes all the standards, though the selection is not as diverse as some other places specializing in hot pot. However, in addition to hot pot, they also offer some hot food items, including a pretty good selection of dim sum. Since this restaurant used to be a dim sum place before they converted it into a hot pot place, their dim sum selection is actually pretty well made. I also like that this place offers these random Costco frozen foods like chicken nuggets and bagel bites, which I can never resist eating.

Here are our broths.

The meats come in individual small plates which I like.

I don’t know why, but just the name hot milk made this cake sound so appealing to me. Images floated in my head of a simple, soft and delicious sponge cake.

I tried making a hot milk sponge cake once before. I was disappointed with the result. It looked so beautiful but it tasted dry and not at all like I imagined.

This recipe seemed promising so I tried again. I was a little sloppy making it so my cake didn’t bake up as pretty as I wanted, but it tasted as wonderful as I imagined. I won’t share how much of the cake I ate myself in one sitting. I’ll just let you know it was a lot…