After making my pizza bites, I had enough dough leftover to make another pizza. I thought about making a pizza pie, but then I decided to try making pizza pull apart breads instead.

I’ve made pull apart breads before, but not with pizza dough. I didn’t quite have enough for a huge loaf, so I decided to make mini loaves. I love breads to be in pull apart form. Pulling apart the small sheets is so fun.

SD Mag Everyday Eats

Happy Monday everyone. Just to let everyone know, I have a new Everyday Eats piece published for San Diego Magazine on a yummy sushi lunch combo, which you can read here. Hope you all have a great day!

Got nutella? Check. Flour? Check. Egg? Check. Alright, now you have everything you need to make these delicious three ingredient nutella cookies.

After I made these four ingredient nutella brownies a while back, I’ve been wanting to make a nutella cookie with the same concept. I tried a few recipes but they didn’t come out right. Finally, I came across this recipe which worked perfectly.

These cookies are chock full of nutella flavor. It’s basically like dipping your spoon into a jar of nutella, but having it in a cookie form. They aren’t the prettiest cookies, but they are ridiculously easy to make with so few ingredients and steps.