After successfully making the fudgy chocolate cake using Greek yogurt and fudgy chocolate cookies, I wanted to try making a healthier brownie using Greek yogurt.

This actually is not one of those posts where I excitedly tell you about my new finding. I made a few versions of the brownies, trying to play around with the ratio of ingredients, but unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a version I’m completely satisfied with.

I hope everyone had a good July 4th. The weather wasn’t quite summery in San Diego, but I still served these homemade Nutella Fudgsicles.

Creamy, fudgy, and so easy to make. Lately I’ve seen a million homemade popsicle recipes. I’m more of an ice cream girl and I’ve never had much of a desire to make popsicles, until I saw a recipe for Nutella fudgsicles. I tried it out, but didn’t really like it. I found it to be quite icy.

So I decided to try to make my own. I figured heavy cream would be best for creating a creamy consistency. I had to play around with a few versions before getting the texture I was looking for. FH got to be the taste tester for each version which he didn’t seem to mind at all.  I am really happy with how these came out and I’m going to have to keep my fridge stocked with them this summer.

Sushi Bar Kazumi recently opened inside the new Moby Dick Fish Market. I was alerted to the opening through mmm-yoso’s post. When I showed FH all the recent restaurant openings on Convoy, he immediately wanted to try the sushi bar.

Sushi Bar Kazumi actually was formerly operating in Hillcrest for more than a decade and Chef Kazumi has quite a following of fans who were quite upset when he closed down. We never had a chance to try Sushi Bar Kazumi while it was in Hillcrest, so this was our first experience.

We were a little confused by the set-up when we went in. Most of the shop consists of the fish market, which sells fresh sushi fish and also offers a full kitchen menu. To one corner is the sushi bar, which seats about eight people. They take reservations, so if you want to ensure seating you should make reservations before you come.

Maguro (Tuna)

We were both happy with the quality of the tuna and went ahead to try some of the market price items.

Hiramasa (yellowtail amberjack)

My first taste of hiramasa. I don’t remember much, but I do remember enjoying it.

Japanese red snapper

Not only was this pretty to look at, but it was one of my favorites. Loved the various sauces used to flavor the fish and sushi rice.