Pappalecco is a popular Italian cafe in San Diego with two locations.

I recently revisited the Little Italy location. While they offer a full menu, Pappalecco is most well known for their gelato and coffee drinks. I blogged previously about the new payment method being accepted in now more than 60 locations in San Diego, LevelUp. Pappalecco is one of the participating locations and last week, they were running a promotion offering $10 credit (it’s now back to $1).

So I stopped in after dinner for some gelato and desserts.

I’ve never actually been to Italy to experience gelato there, but Pappalecco is one of my favorite spots for gelato in San Diego. The flavors taste natural and the texture is creamy and thick without being gummy or icy, which I’ve experienced at other gelato places.

I love Brazilian cheese breads, also known as Pao De Qeuijo. I’ve made them a few times but I’m always curious to try different recipes. These savory chewy breads are easy to make and so addicting.

I’ve tried a few recipes already and all have been pretty good. I’m continually coming across more recipes and love trying them all out. Recently I came across a recipe posted in Tasty Kitchen that looked promising.

I found this recipe for carb free cloud bread. Of course I was immediately intrigued. Could it be possible to make something that resembles bread with just eggs and some cream cheese?

The recipe is very much like making a meringue. After you’re done making them, you store them overnight in an airtight container which causes them to soften. And the next day you’re left with this, light, fluffy, cloud-like substance.