While my favorite pumpkin fall treat is pumpkin bread, the most requested baked good I get are for these soft pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I’ve tried a couple of recipes and this one has been my favorite.

A few weeks ago, I was provided with two bottles of Farrarelle’s Naturally Sparkling Mineral water to sample and review.

What really intrigued me right from the start is that this mineral water is a naturally effervescent water.  I’m not a huge fan of sparkling water normally. I find the carbonation distracting.  So I was curious as to whether I would enjoy a naturally sparkling water more.

Do Re Mi revisit

A few weeks ago, FH and I paid Do Re Mi a revisit. Do Re Mi is one of our favorite spots when we are in the mood for something healthy yet hearty.

We love coming to Do Re Mi because the staff is always so welcoming that it almost feels like dining at home. The huge amount of free banchan is also a plus too. After we sat down we were immediately presented with this two bite cold appetizer. It’s some sort of noodle salad that has been flavored with vinegar and sugar.

Soon after we placed our orders, the parade of banchan came out. I love how many banchan are provided here and it seems to be something they are quite proud of. They openly advertise unlimited refills of their banchan on the menu.