I previously tried a recipe using cornstarch as a secret ingredient to making soft and fluffy chocolate chip cookies. I liked it, but I didn’t love it.

I decided to try again, but using one of my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipes, and adding in cornstarch to see what would happen. Like the previous cornstarch cookies I made, these cookies really puffed up and were soft and cakey.

Ramen Yamadaya, a popular ramen chain from Los Angeles, recently opened a location in San Diego. I always get excited when LA places finally make their way down to San Diego, so I couldn’t wait more than a few days to check it out.

I’ve actually never been to the LA locations, but have heard good things from friends. I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but my ramen knowledge is pretty limited. For a better coverage of Ramen Yamadaya, head over to A Radiused Corner.

Ramen Yamadaya specializes in Tonkotsu broth ramen. Tonkotsu broth is made of pork bones, boiled for 20 hours according to Ramen Yamadaya, which results in a rich, creamy broth. The noodles used are thin, white and straight, unlike the wavy noodles usually associated with ramen.

The location (nearby Little Sheep) is quite small. We had a party of six and rather than push a few tables together, they decided to seat us outside on the patio which was  unfurnished except for two Samuel Adams picnic tables. I hope they spruce up this outside seating in the future because it felt dark and separated, like I was just sitting at some free picnic table in a public park. It also made picture taking quite difficult since the patio was only lit by the plaza lights.

Here’s the menu:


I’ve been told that some people eat bourbon poured over cornflakes for breakfast. I’ve never actually tried it myself but I have sampled the Secret breakfast flavor ice cream at Humphrey Slocombe which incorporates the concept. And I loved their version.

So recently, when I was given three bottles of Red Stag by Jim Bean bourbon whiskey to try (Honey Tea, Black Cherry, Spiced), my mind immediately thought about bourbon and cereal and I wanted to make a dessert out of it.