After our previous great dining experience at Whisknladle which you can read about here, I’ve been wanting to go back. We got a chance to recently, doing an early birthday celebration for my friend Steve.

Whisknladle’s menu offers a wide array of dishes that you won’t normally see on restaurant menus. Almost everything is made in house. Rather than separate out appetizers and main entrees, everything is listed together, allowing you the freedom to order a few dishes to split amongst your party. I tried to get a better picture of the menu by holding it up to the light, but I didn’t realize the back of the menu ended up shining through too.

We were given some hot, crusty sour dough bread to start.

Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies have been popping up on a lot of food blogs lately thanks to the ingenious idea by Picky Palate. I’ve tried a few stuffed cookie versions including the thin mint stuffed chocolate chip cookies and brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

I was originally going to try the oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies, but then I thought of trying a chocolate cookies stuffed with oreos, similar to chocolate covered oreos.

I’m a little obsessed with turtles. When I was little my parents wouldn’t let me have a pet. My best friend had rabbits and cats and I was pretty upset that I wasn’t allowed to have a pet. One afternoon, after fighting with my parents over it, my dad went out to mow the lawn. A few minutes later, he came back and showed me a box turtle he had found in our yard. The box turtle ended up being my first pet.

I didn’t know much about turtles but being the responsible pet owner, I did my research. I was so pleased to learn that turtles require little maintenance and live a long time. After that I became pretty obsessed with turtles. I have a lot of turtle figurines, stuffed animals, etc. I recently saw the cutest turtle cookies on Diamonds For Dessert.