Yes I made these brownies because of the name. How could I resist? Plus they sounded so good. Fudgy brownies layered with peanut butter and chocolate with crispy rice. It’s like a delicious homemade candy bar.

I love Japanese cheesecake. It’s lighter than American cheesecake, with an almost souffle like texture. It is light, creamy, and melts in your mouth.

We’ve had Indian food cravings for a while so a few weeks ago we paid a visit to Ashoka. The lunch buffet is a pretty good deal and offers quite a few different items. Ashoka isn’t necessarily our favorite place to eat Indian food, but it’s nearby and lunch is served until 4pm.

There are quite a few Indian restaurants nearby, including several in the same plaza. In fact our car was covered in flyers after we got out. Next time we have Indian food cravings, I’m determined to explore some other restaurant offerings in the area. If you have any good suggestions let me know.