One of my favorite things about going to Taiwan are the buffets. The buffets in Taiwan generally are quite extravagant, making the Las Vegas ones pale in comparison.

The week before my trip, fellow Taiwanese food enthusiast Danny of Kung Food Panda, sent me several links of places to try on my trip. One of the links he sent me was for this video for Hakkai Shabu Shabu (八海精緻鍋物料理), a hot pot buffet.

Thanks to the convenience of the subway/MRT system, we were able to get here quite easily. And the restaurant was directly across the street from the MRT stop.

Lunch is priced at 399NT per person, or about $14. The amount and quality of food was definitely worth the low price.

The place is set up so every two people share a large hot pot. The hot pot is divided down the middle so actually every person gets their own section. We first selected the broths, and there were 12 different flavors to choose from! 12! I don’t think I could even come up with 12 if someone were to ask me. We chose the herbal one, mushroom, milk, curry and spicy.

There are additional items you can get for extra, but with so much food, we didn’t bother.

Milk is one of the ones highly recommended and popular. While it sounds odd, it’s basically a cream base soup and I actually really enjoyed it.

While my favorite pumpkin fall treat is pumpkin bread, the most requested baked good I get are for these soft pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I’ve tried a couple of recipes and this one has been my favorite.

A few weeks ago, I was provided with two bottles of Farrarelle’s Naturally Sparkling Mineral water to sample and review.

What really intrigued me right from the start is that this mineral water is a naturally effervescent water.  I’m not a huge fan of sparkling water normally. I find the carbonation distracting.  So I was curious as to whether I would enjoy a naturally sparkling water more.