I’m still glowing from my first piece, but here is my second piece for San Diego Magazine. This time for their Drink This section. Since I don’t do a lot of drinks on my blog, I hope you head over to read my post.

As a follow-up to my recently published piece in San Diego Magazine on Sushi Yaro’s Lunch Bento Box, I wanted to provide a little more thorough review of the lunch options offered.

I had heard of various lunch offerings at Sushi Yaro through their tweets. I had no idea the extent of the offerings until I arrived. I was surprised and excited to see so many options, and immediately regretted not bringing more people along so that I could explore the entire lunch menu.

In addition to the lunch menu and the dinner menu, there was a board posted with live sashimi specials.

We both love toro, so we ordered the live toro. Mmm..pretty toro.

I was also very curious about the rice plates which are only $3.99! So we ordered a bbq beef plate.

I recently purchased Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc At Home. To celebrate, I decided to try out his famous chocolate chip cookies.

Unfortunately, my book is taking  a lot longer to arrive than I anticipated. So no pictures yet of the pretty book, and I had to find the recipe online. I’ve been spoiled by Amazon Prime’s Two Day Shipping. But the book was a few dollars cheaper through a third party, so I ordered it through the third party thinking I could wait a few extra days. It’s been nearly two weeks and my book hasn’t arrived.

The recipe was a little fussy, calling for two types of chocolate, chopped into the size of chocolate chips. I don’t particularly like chopping chocolate since  so much of it gets crumbly and wasted.  I cheated slightly. I chopped up the 55% chocolate, but used chocolate chips for the 72% chocolate.