California Donuts opened a few months ago. I was curious about this little store, especially when I heard about their “California Dozen” of 14 donuts.

This shopping plaza will also house a future Rita’s Ice, which we already saw in the works.

When we visited California Donuts, the donut display was quite full. There were all the usual suspects as well as a few less common ones like blueberry donuts and red velvet donuts. They also had five different flavors of donut holes.

The donut prices were pretty reasonable. but I was definitely drawn to the California dozen, 14 donuts for $8.99.

All of the donuts on display, except for the top row of specialty oversized donuts, could be selected from.

Here was our selection (don’t worry, we did share!)

A dish that involves smashing has got to be fun right? Smashed Cucumber Salad is a simple, flavorful, cold marinated Chinese-style cucumber salad (拍黄瓜, pai huang gua) that uses a knife smashing technique to cut the cucumbers. The refreshing dish comes together in about 5 minutes and is extremely addictive.

Cucumbers are smashed (technically smacked is a closer literal translation, but the English name of the dish seems to be set with “smashed”) with the flat side of a cleaver (preferred tool) or a large knife until they begin to split apart (I’ve included a short video clip of the technique). This releases the water and softer inner lining, and preserves the crunchy parts of the cucumber. The ragged edges are ideal for soaking up the marinade ingredients. Each bite produces such a satisfying crunch.

I’ve shared several versions of my cucumber salad over the years. After my last post earlier this year, my mom chided me for not using the proper smashing technique. I’ve mainly stayed away from it because the dish looks much more messy and uneven. But after tasting a smashed cucumber salad a few weeks ago, I was reminded by how much better the cucumbers are when they are smashed instead of cut, so I wanted to share it.

Supernatural Sandwiches has received quite a lot of love from the various San Diego media outlets in recent months, with features in Zagat, San Diego Magazine, Eater, Thrillist and more. I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I read mmm-yoso’s post back when they were just a vendor at the San Diego Public Market.

They currently have a brick and mortar shop and are also at the Hillcrest farmer’s market. Until this past Saturday, the brick and mortar location was only open on the weekdays which made it difficult for me to try to visit. But they now are open Saturdays as well and I was there soon after the doors opened.

After waiting so long, I decided we couldn’t just order one sandwich each, so we ended up ordering three plus dessert.

Siren Sandwich (Sautéed Garlic Mexican White Shrimp, Buttery Toasted Bun, Robust Elemental Aioli, Rustic Hex Tomatoes, Shredded White Cheddar, Fiery Necromancer Sauce, Fresh Local Greens)

Of the three, this was definitely my favorite and it is their best seller. The presentation of this one was quite lovely. The shrimp were plump and moist and well-seasoned. We loved the garlic flavor and the aioli. The tomato medley paired well, adding some acid to balance out the sandwich perfectly. The sandwich was served in a toasted brioche bun, which held the ingredients together well.

All sandwiches come with five beautifully fried shrimp chips dusted with a spicy chili powder blend.