Authentic Southern creamy cheese grits are perfect for a weekend brunch. I topped mine with poached eggs and easy blender hollandaise sauce as well.

Today, I’m sharing how to make real Southern grits and a few tips to get them just right.

When I visited Nashville last year, I completely fell in love with grits. And I mean real stone ground grits, not the mushy tasteless oatmeal-like grits they serve in San Diego. Even though I hadn’t grown up eating grits, I felt such a connection with the dish. It was like I’d been eating them my whole life. Traditional grits have a little bit of texture, just like the name implies, with a subtle corn flavor.

Zymology 21 is one of my favorite spots right now for drinks and bites. They have so many fun cocktails, a really great happy hour (3-8pm daily!), and some delicious dishes to pair with your drinks.

When our friends were in town recently, we took them here and they loved it.

Cotton Candy Cosmo

This was the drink I was most interested in trying. It’s meant for sharing and it can easily be enough for a few people. The cotton candy is made fresh and Jason, the manager, invited us to watch him make it.

Avocado Toast

For $3 during happy hour, this was a steal. It even came with a sous vide egg and generous helping of avocado.

These easy brownies are rich, fudgy, chewy and everything I look for in a brownie. They are the best made-from-scratch brownies I’ve made to date and it took all my will power not to consume the entire pan in one sitting.

There are a couple of things I look for in an ideal brownie. It has to have a crackly top, rich chocolate flavor, and chewy and fudgy center. These brownies pass all these tests with flying colors. The key is the dulce de leche. You can’t really taste it, but it gives the brownies an extra fudgy, chewy texture.