These grilled cheese sandwiches are low carb and healthier than traditional grilled cheese sandwiches, by using a zucchini “bread” similar to zucchini pizza crust.

I am totally in love with low carb zucchini crust. I think I may actually like it even more than cauliflower crust. It’s also easier and faster to make because you don’t need to dry out the zucchini quite as much as you do for cauliflower.

Marion Crêpes, which specializes in Harajuku-style crepes, opened a permanent location inside Mitsuwa Marketplace replacing the former Matcha Love. You may recall, Marion Crepes used to set up for a few weeks every spring inside San Diego Mitsuwa Marketplace.

They offer both sweet and savory crepes. There are many variations to choose from or you can choose your own custom creation.

GuilTea Cravings is a new tea, coffee and dessert cafe that recently opened.

Upon entering, we were greeted to a lovely display of macarons. They also offer several flavors of macaron ice cream sandwiches as well. The tea and coffee menu was quite impressive. Despite the fact that there now have been several tea cafes that have recently opened in the area, there were still quite a few unique drink options I haven’t seen or tried before.

Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches