We recently had a few revisits to T-Pop Desserts & More. They’ve changed quite a bit since our initial visit and it’s now my favorite place for honey toast.

Gone are the cutesy spaces and decor. Instead, they’ve gone for a more modern black and white color scheme. The menu has largely been changed as well, adding several ramen bowls and other cooked food options. They still offer their brick toast and have also added other fun desserts like ice cream hot pot.

Hello Aloha

Four scoops of pineapple coconut ice cream, toast, red beans, condensed milk, almond slices, jackfruit. The ice cream is served in a pot over dry ice. As a result, you see smoke flowing out from the sides and piping out from the top like a volcano.

This made for a fun show and it’s an enjoyable dessert to eat with a group of friends. I especially liked that each piece of toast was perfectly toasted, crunchy and sweetened.

They have three other ice cream hot pot options which seemed really good too.

Godiva Honey Toast

This recipe uses both carrots and their tops to make an easy vegetable side dish. Homemade carrot top pesto is simple to prepare and a great way to use up the carrot tops instead of just tossing them.

I’ve been obsessed with carrots from the farmer’s markets lately, especially the rainbow colored ones. And I always feel bad for the long green tops that  go to waste. Then I came across an article on how to use vegetable scraps in unique ways, like making carrot top pesto. This pesto comes out a bright vibrant green and is super tasty.

I’m back from a week long trip to Taiwan. I had so much fun, ate way too much and have a lot to share once I get over this crazy jet lag.

This one pot creamy lemon chicken pasta is an easy weeknight meal. Everything is made in one pot and ready in about 30 minutes.

I’m still obsessed with one pot pasta meals. My latest creation is this creamy lemon chicken pasta.

I love that you can really taste the lemon in this dish, giving it a light and refreshing feel. We recently purchased a meyer lemon tree and I can’t wait for it to start producing lemons as I love adding a little lemon juice and zest to my dishes.