I first posted about Nishiki Ramen right after their soft opening. Now they’ve had a chance to settle in, they have a sparkly new menu and the long lines have disappeared. So we recently went in for a revisit, to try out more menu items.


I loved the presentation. The balls contained more batter than I prefer. I like mine to have more octopus than batter.

Pumpkin Ramen

This was actually a very limited time special for Halloween. I’m not sure if they’ll bring it back again. I found the jack o’lantern cut-out to be adorable. In addition to a slice of kabocha squash (Japanese pumpkin), there was pumpkin puree in the broth as well, giving it a thicker, more earthy texture.

This two layer dessert has a layer of pumpkin pie and a layer of chocolate cake, creating a very moist and delicious cake. The magic part is that the dessert separates into two layers while baking.

A few years ago, pumpkin magic cake was quite popular on the internet. I didn’t have a chance to make it then, but I wanted to try it now. And I’m really happy I did. I may even serve this instead of regular pumpkin pie this year for Thanksgiving.

This cake is different from the traditional custard magic cake, which I’ve shared on the blog before. But like the custard magic cake, this cake will “magically” separate into two distinct layers during baking without you having to do all the work.

These crispy baked potatoes are coated in Ranch and Parmesan cheese seasoning, for an easy and tasty side dish.

I can’t believe November is here! It’s already time to start testing Thanksgiving recipes, gather photos for Christmas cards, etc. The extra hour we gained on Sunday has really thrown me off. Yesterday, I felt like I had all this extra time, which is a good thing, as I felt like I accomplished more than usual. And luckily, that productivity has carried through to today. The only bad thing was that by 6PM I was starving for dinner.