This lighter version of my pumpkin spice mug is only 190 calories. It’s a nice little treat you don’t have to feel guilty about and ready in just a few minutes.

I don’t know about you, but I try my best to eat a little better right before the holidays, knowing all the overeating that is to come. Which is why I created this skinny version of my regular pumpkin mug cake.

This honey orange chicken dish has crunchy chicken pieces that are baked and do not use any panko bread crumbs. The chicken tastes and looks like it has been deep fried, but it isn’t.

I’m so excited to share this recipe with you today. I’ve previously made baked crunchy chicken dishes but they’ve always required coating the chicken in panko bread crumbs to provide that needed crunch. But now I’ve found a solution that mimics the fried texture even better.

No bread crumbs, no flour and no oil. It’s also gluten free. Have I piqued your curiosity?

Kettner Exchange recently opened in Little Italy.

I have been eagerly following this new restaurant project since it was announced a year ago. The restaurant has two levels, with both indoor and outdoor seating. The setting is impressive, with a fun mix of decor. The first level has a more traditional design, with booths and tables, and a bar and lounge area. Upstairs, you’ll find a more casual and playful environment. There’s a telescope to gaze through, gazebos for beach-like dining, and more.

Of course, I was most excited for the food. The executive chef is Brian Redzikowski, who was formerly the head chef at Flavor Del Mar, which used to be one of our favorite restaurants before it suddenly closed its doors due to landlord rent rate disputes. Chef Redzikowski has quite an impressive resume before his days at Flavor Del Mar, including being sous chef for Joel Rubuchon at the Mansion in Las Vegas.

We started our meal with some complimentary popcorn.

Big Eye Tuna Pizza

Thinly sliced tuna is layered onto a paper-thin cracker, and finished with truffle oil. This was a pleasant start to our meal.