I have an obsession with hotels and airplane food. I do a lot of research before our trips and take a lot of photos of everything. I haven’t really had time to share all of those photos, but I’m going to attempt sharing them more regularly.

During our visit to London in the spring, we stayed at Hoxton Hotel.

It’s a hip hotel with a popular downstairs bar. When we first arrived, the lobby area was so busy, I thought I was at the wrong building.

Once we checked in, our room was pleasant. The space is minimal, but that’s how most hotels are in Europe. It had everything we needed though: a bed, tv, fridge, desk, coffee and tea set.

Everyday, our fridge was filled with two bottles of complimentary water and a bottle of milk, which was really helpful. Normally, I drink coffee in the morning, but since we were in London, I drank tea with milk every morning.

I recently made these adorable mini cucumber sandwiches with my sandwich cutters. I had bought these bread cutters a long time ago on Ebay, one of those moments where I buy something I’m convinced I’ll have a ton of use for, and then don’t use it.

I’m happy I bought them though because these bite-sized sandwiches are so cute. I made a bunch for my house party and have made several other versions since. I fell in love with cucumber sandwiches during my trip to London and they were fun to recreate, though I’m still looking for the mayo spread recipe that tastes exactly like the ones I had in London.

For the bread, I used King’s Hawaiian sliced bread, which is now available at supermarkets.

Bake Sale Bakery opened in San Diego’s East Village a few months ago.

The charming shop offers a variety of baked goods and sandwiches. The bakery is opened by restaurateur Terryl Gavre, who also owns Cafe 222 and ACME Southern Kitchen.

I was here mainly to check out the fresh baked sweets and there was a good selection to choose from.