It’s been more than two years since Puesto opened a location at The Headquarters, but it still remains one of our favorite spots to get tacos and drinks. We love the restaurant space and menu options and the service is always very friendly.

It seems like every time I’m dining here and have my camera, it’s already very dark outside. One of these days, I’ll take photos in the daytime.

We started our meal with their complimentary chips and salsa. They are always quick to refill here and we usually get a few refills before our meal is over.

Crab Guacamole

I really love their crab guacamole here. Something in their guacamole (which I can’t quite seem to identify) pairs very well with the sweet crab meat, resulting in the crab blending seamlessly together with the guacamole. I’ve tried topping my homemade guacamole with crab meat but it never tastes the same. Since I had almost this entire bowl to myself, I couldn’t finish the whole thing.

We ended up asking for a to-go container and our server even packed it with a fresh container of chips and salsa too.

These sandwiches are made with low-carb zucchini crusted “bread” and filled with tomato sauce, basil and mozzarella cheese. The zucchini crusted bread is toasted until the cheese is melted, for¬†a¬†delicious sandwich that still healthier than traditional grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cauliflower rice is cooked with a garlic butter sauce and Parmesan cheese for a delicious and easy dish.

One of my favorite ways to eat cauliflower is making cauliflower rice. And this garlic parmesan version may be my favorite cauliflower rice dish. It’s buttery, garlicky and cheesy. It’s a dish I make with pasta and rice, but it works just as well with cauliflower.