Dark Horse Coffee Roasters is a popular coffee roaster in San Diego, with three coffee bar locations. It’s been on my to-do list to try for a while now, but it quickly moved to the top of my list when I saw that they also offer donuts from their craft vegan donut company, Skinny Donuts, which just happen to fit nicely on top of their coffee cups.

This past weekend, we stopped in for some morning fuel before heading out for a mini road trip. And because I have a serious weakness for donuts and it was a long weekend, we decided to get all four of the donut flavors offered that day.

Nitro Cold Brew, Maple Donut, Sprinkle Donut
Salted Maple Iced Cold Brew Latte, Matcha Donut, Cherry Pie Donut

Carnitas’ Snack Shack recently opened a third location, right on the waterfront. Located at North Embarcadero, the new space has a full bar, a beautiful view of the water, and some new menu items. All the seating is outdoors, including covered seating at the restaurant, as well as extended uncovered seating at the public park areas next to the restaurant.

You order at the window and are then given a tracker so that they can bring the food to you when it’s ready. Some of the new menu items include brunch items served on weekend mornings, fish tacos, and soft serve ice cream.

Maisen Tonkatsu is often regarded as serving the best tonkatsu in Japan. It was one of my favorite bites from our trip and the restaurant I look most to forward to revisiting. I’d recommend coming here even if you’ve never been a huge fan of tonkatsu.Tonkatsu is a Japanese-style, breaded and deep fried pork cutlet and the version we had at Maisen Tonkatsu is in a class of itself.