Cafe Hielo is a Korean dessert cafe that opened recently.

It specializes in shaved ice, so of course I had to check it out.

Mango and Cheese Shaved Ice Snow

This is the most popular item so we decided to try it out. Shaved ice is topped with cubes of mango and cheesecake and drizzled with condensed milk. You also have a choice of vanilla or green tea ice cream. The ice was also served with an additional side of condensed milk.

These flourless almond butter muffins are just four ingredients and make a perfect breakfast treat.

I bought a Costco-sized container of almond butter the other week because it’s so much cheaper than buying a small jar at the market. And of course, now I have way too much, so I’ve been trying to use some up by baking with it. I really like Costco and its prices but I think I shop there way more than I should considering I’m only shopping for a household of two.

Streetcar Merchants has continued to flourish since our initial visit and we’ve been eager to return again, especially since they’ve greatly expanded the menu including more doughnut flavors, more fried chicken flavors, more side dish options and a variety of donut fried chicken sandwich combinations for the truly ravenous.

We went in pretty early and were happy to learn that they start serving fried chicken first thing in the morning so we were able to get our fried chicken and donut fix. The fried chicken is still fried to order, which meant about a 25 minute waiting time, but we ordered our sides and donuts and ate those first while we waited, making the wait time pass by much faster.

Key Lime Pie Donut

Just like its name suggests, this donut tasted like the merge of a key lime pie with a donut. The inside of the donut was filled with a very rich key lime custard that was both tart and sweet. The outside of the brioche-style donut base was brushed with graham crumbs and then topped with a generous piping of meringue.

Truthfully, I’ve always found key lime pie to be too rich for me and found myself having issues finishing this donut for the same reason. If you love key lime pie though, this donut is a must-try.

Blueberry Pie Donut