Hello everyone! As some of you know, I’ve been eating my way through Japan this last week. It’s been a delicious trip full of street food, fancy meals and cuteness overload. Sorry things have been a little quiet on the blog. I’ll be sharing more soon, but here are a few photos. You can see a few more on my Instagram as well!

CottonHi is a shop in Los Angeles known for their soft serve ice cream and organic cotton candy. After seeing their adorable fluffy cotton candy creations, I had to check it out on recent LA road trip.

CottonHi offers a variety of soft serve flavors, cotton candy flavors and drinks. Both ice cream and drinks can be topped with cotton candy!


These Ranch flavored pita chips are bakedĀ for an easy and delicious snack. You can change up the flavors as well!

If I was forced to choose one favorite flavor for savory snacks, I think it has to be Ranch. I love the unique blend of herbs and spices that make up its flavor. I had some leftover pita bread the other day and decided to make pita chips, which I’ve made before. They are so easy that I don’t know why I don’t just always make my own.