Thick toast is stuffed with Nutella and dipped in pancake batter for the ultimate breakfast dish.

This breakfast/brunch combines three of my favorite things: Nutella, pancakes, and French Toast. I hate having to choose just one breakfast item as I’m always craving more than one thing. That’s what makes breakfast combinations and mash-ups so much fun!

With all the traveling we did earlier this year, we haven’t had much time to have friends over this year. But now that summer is here, I’m ready to have some summer parties. We’ve been spending weekends adding more touches to the house as well as buying supplies for all the summer gatherings I plan on having.

Recently, we went to JCPenney, where there was a ton of summer party entertaining items on sale–40-50% off! I’m sharing my purchases and hosting a giveaway for a $100 JCPenney gift card at the end of this post! Some of the items I picked up included an outdoor flower tablecloth, an elegant glass water dispenser, and the most adorable ice cream cone serving bowls. Seriously, I cannot get over how cute these are and I got them for 40% off!

Our favorite spot for New York-style pizza in San Diego is Bronx Pizza. It’s been years since I wrote about it, so I decided to write an updated post.

You can order by the slice from the large selection of pies available at the counter or order a fresh whole pie. We usually order a whole pie or pies depending on how many people we’re eating here with.

You can choose to do a half/half pie, which I like to do because I like both their sauce versions and a sauceless version. We love the red sauce but it tends to weigh down the crust and so it doesn’t crisp up as much. The white pizza has an extremely crispy thin crust that we love.

Bronx Deluxe/Pesto and Mushroom