On New Year’s Day, we had lunch at QT Pot with Mr. K’s family. Quite a few years ago, my mom started this tradition of us eating hot pot on New Year’s Day, and so now I crave hot pot every New Year’s Day.

QT Pot specializes in individual hot pots and also offered some entrees as well.

Combination Lo Mein

My father-in-law chose to order stir fried lo-mein. He cleared his plate, so I think he enjoyed it.

Salt and Pepper Wings

Our favorite item to get here are the salt and pepper wings. The wings come out extremely crunchy and moist and have a good amount of salt and pepper seasoning, with some diced bell peppers thrown into the mix too. Mr. K’s family really enjoyed the wings too.

Beef Hot Pot

Mr. K ordered the beef hot pot. He really enjoyed the flavor of the broth and there was a good amount of ingredients, to the point that he had trouble finishing.

These oven roasted potatoes are so easy to make. They are crispy on the outside, buttery soft on the inside, and make a great side dish or breakfast potatoes.

Mr. K loves ordering breakfast potatoes when we go out for brunch. One of my favorite versions has been the crispy rosemary ones served at The Mission. We’ve recently become obsessed with dutch yellow potatoes. They last longer than Russet potatoes, cook faster, have a more buttery taste, and are small and cute too.

One of my favorite bites last year was the Siren Sandwich from Supernatural Sandwiches.

We’ve since been back several times to try out more menu items.


This is their version of a Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich, made with sauteed shrimp and slices of Chinese sausage.

The sandwich is served on a fresh roll and contains the usual fixings found in a Banh Mi like cilantro and pickled daikon and carrots. Like all the other sandwiches, it’s served with four oversized shrimp chips.


This is their lobster roll, topped with umami butter and served on a toasted buttery brioche roll.