This BBQ sauce flavored pasta takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and needs only one pot. It’s a great weekday meal and satisfies summer BBQ cravings without having to fire up the grill.

So I’m back to my one pot pasta meals. They are just so easy and convenient. Throw everything into a pot, let it boil, and then it’s ready. Pasta is cooked, sauce is created. It’s like magic!

WOW WOW Waffle, with stands at various farmer’s markets in San Diego, recently set up a permanent space behind 30th Street Laundry. They specialize in sweet and savory liege waffles.

Once you rear around the corner, you’ll be treated to an open space decorated with reclaimed wood furniture.

Ice Tea Sangria cocktails are turned into popsicle form. These are a refreshing, boozy treat.

One of my favorite drinks I’ve made this year are my Iced Tea Sangrias. It’s such a perfect summer cocktail and I’ve made it numerous times.

This weekend I decided to turn the drink into popsicles. I added a little more syrup to the mix because I wanted the ice pops to be sweeter than I normally make my sangria. I also really packed in the fruit, adding in mangoes, peaches, lychee, raspberries and strawberries.