Creamy stovetop macaroni and cheese is topped with pulled pork for a delicious side dish at your next BBQ.

I’ve talked about how much I love grilling in the summer. Just a whiff of smoke coming from a neighbor’s yard will having me craving barbecue. A few weeks ago, we had my husband’s family over for a BBQ. It usually gets very stressful when we try to prepare a lot of food for a party and I promised my husband this would be minimal stress. I’d make some pre-made ribs that he would just need to heat up and I’d make some vegetables and a few side dishes.

Every month when I write this post, I tell myself that starting now, I will make a list to keep track of my favorite bites so I’m not going through an entire’s month of photos trying to remember. And yet it still hasn’t happened. Maybe I’ll get my act together for my Best Bites of August? Anyhow, without further ado, here are the most memorable things I ate in July (in no particular order):

French Toast Donut from Donut Bar (San Diego, California)french-toast-donut

I don’t visit Donut Bar often (the long lines keep me away), but when I do, my favorite donut is their French Toast donut. These made-to-order donuts start with a fluffy raised donut that is dipped in custard and cooked until golden. It’s warm, soft, and delicious.

Confit Fried Chicken Leg from Petit Trois (Los Angeles, California)petit-trois-13

I wrote about my visit to Petit Trois here. Everything we had was excellent, but the confit was my favorite. The chicken was both light and rich at the same time, with a buttery finish to every bite.

the-loop-churros-3The Loop opened a few months ago in Orange County, offering a unique and fun twist on churros. Churros are shaped into easy-to-hold, giant loops and then topped with various frostings, glazes, sprinkles, cereal, cookie crumbs, and more.

The churros immediately caught my attention and we made a stop in Orange County just so I could come here, before heading up to LA. It’s been a popular spot, but we got lucky when we arrived and there wasn’t a line. Right after we got our order though, there was a long line out the door (though it did seem to move pretty fast).
You can customize your own, or choose from one of the four pre-designed ones. You can also get it “chilled” which means it is served with soft serve ice cream.

We opted to just get the churros and of course I had to get all four!