Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2 Ingredient Pizza Dough

Last month I read several pizza-related posts, which really made me crave pizza.

Over the weekend, I decided to make some homemade pizza, turning to my favorite easy pizza crust, which I first posted about here.

Thin, bubbly and crispy. This crust tastes amazing and it’s so easy to make, with just two ingredients.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Peri Peri

Peri Peri is a new restaurant that opened at the beginning of March, featuring South African cuisine.

I was invited to come check it out and I was definitely curious. Despite the restaurant being open only a few weeks, it was already filled with returning customers, always a good sign.

The restaurant is named after an African bird’s eye chili, peri-peri, which is featured with most of the dishes on the menu.

Seafood Corn Husks

Mr. K and I chose to start with this appetizer as we saw several other tables ordering it. Sweet, buttery grilled corn was mixed with delicate scallops and shrimp, lightly seasoned with some lime juice and garlic. It was a simple dish, but enjoyable.

Prawns Peri Peri (Flame-grilled prawns, shell on with butter, lemon, coarse salt, and Peri-Peri)

This was Mr. K’s entree and it gave us our first taste of the unique peri-peri sauce. This is not your ordinary hot sauce.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Milk and Cookie Shots (Homemade version of Dominique Ansel’s)

Ever since Dominique Ansel (creator of the Cronut) debuted his Milk and Cookie Shots, I’ve been following all the coverage of the latest invention.

Apparently inspired after eating his first Oreo, the Milk & Cookie Shot features a chocolate chip cookie shaped like a shot glass, which is filled with vanilla flavored milk. As a result, you can sip the milk and eat the cookie at the same time.

Since I won’t be visiting New York any time soon, I thought I would attempt to make my own homemade version. Obviously I don’t expect these to be anywhere near the caliber of Chef Ansel’s, but it was still fun to try.