SuperNatural Sandwiches recently expanded to a new and bigger location, having outgrown their previous space. We were definitely excited by the change and had to go check it out.

Crunchy baked pieces of zucchini are drizzled with bang bang sauce for a delicious and easy meal.

Yes, I’m still obsessed with bang bang sauce. As far as I can tell, this sauce goes with just about everything. I love it with cauliflower, pasta, etc. My latest version is with zucchini.

A few weeks ago, we attended a Visa signature dinner at Addison. We previously dined at Addison last year and had a very memorable meal. We’ve been wanting to go back ever since for the full tasting menu and we still fully intend on doing that, but this was a wonderful opportunity we couldn’t pass up on. It just so happened that the dinner also fell on Mr. K’s birthday, so I was able to win some serious wife points when I surprised him with this dinner experience.

In addition to a 4-course meal, the dinner also included caviar and cocktails tasting, tour of the kitchen, and meeting with Chef William Bradley.

Citronelle and Pamplemousse

We started the evening with cocktails and appetizers. Both of the cocktail offerings were made with Belvedere Vodka. I immediately took mine out on the terrace, as last time we were here, it was too dark to admire the view.