Bleecker St.

One of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten came from Bleecker St. in London.

You’d think the best burgers would be in the US, but I had quite a few outstanding American-style burgers in London, and the Bleecker Black burger is the one I still dream about and wish I got another taste of before departing.

Bleecker St., which is named after the famous street in Manhattan, was actually founded by Zan Kaufman, an American who left her job on Wall Street and decided to bring American burgers to London. They started as a food truck and recently opened two permanent locations.

Bleecker Black Burger

These cotton candy champagne cocktails are easy, whimsical and elegant. They are perfect for an outdoor summer party.

I don’t know what it is about cotton candy that gets me so excited. I’ve seen cotton candy cocktails before on several Pinterest boards and had to try making my own.

The Baked Bear, known for their custom ice cream sandwiches, recently opened their fourth location in Carmel Valley.

We’ve always enjoyed the ice cream sandwiches here, especially the cookie brownie combination, and we were particularly excited by this newest opening as it’s the closest one to where we live and has ample parking.

For those familiar with The Baked Bear, things are pretty much the same at this newest spot. You choose from a selection of ice cream flavors, fresh baked cookies, brownies. You can make a cookie ice cream sandwich, a brownie ice cream sandwich, or a cookie brownie ice cream sandwich combination (my personal favorite). You can also add sprinkles and other toppings. They also have a few special menu items like the donut ice cream sandwich and bear bowl (warm chocolate chip cookie bowl with ice cream).

Cookies and Cream Cookie, Brownie, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream