Richard Walker’s Pancake House recently opened a second location in the heart of La Jolla. I was recently invited to dine at the new location. I’ve passed by the original downtown location many times and it always seems to have an endless line of tourists. I was excited to find out that there would be a second location that would hopefully be a little less crowded.

Apple Pancake

The apple pancake is one of their most famous dishes so we had to order it. I think ours was a little underbaked. It didn’t rise as high as some of the other ones we saw at neighboring tables and it also deflated significantly once it was set down on the table.

Caramelized apples, gooey cinnamon glaze. This reminded me of an apple pie and pancake rolled up into one. It was a little overwhelmingly sweet for me, but I’ve had this issue with all apple pancakes I’ve tried. We were really craving something salty to accompany this.

Lappert’s Ice Cream is one of our favorite places for ice cream in San Diego. Lappert’s Ice Cream serves super premium ice cream (at least 16% butterfat) and specializes in Hawaiian flavors like macadamia nut, kona coffee and more. They also serve the popular Dole Whip, the creamy soft serve pineapple dessert that is available at Disneyland.

Dole Whip

This is the size of a small, which is a very generous serving. Dole whip is a popular dessert at Disneyland and Disneyworld. It’s only available at a handful of locations and we’re pretty lucky to have a Lappert’s in San Diego that serves it. The soft-serve concoction isn’t overly sweet, letting the pineapple flavor shine through. It’s much creamier than ordinary fruit-based sorbets or ice creams, which is what makes it so popular. I can never resist getting this here, especially since there are no long lines like at Disneyland.

Orange chicken is made a little healthier while still retaining its crispy coating through baking. This is an easy weekday meal.

I’ve been on a quest to make some of Mr. K’s favorite dishes healthier. While I really liked the healthier orange chicken I made last time, Mr. K wasn’t as much of a fan. He missed the crunchy coating and complained that the dish tasted “too much like chicken.”