Draft Republic

Draft Republic, owned by the Cohn Restaurant Group, recently opened in the Costa Verde plaza, replacing the former La Jolla Strip Club.

While I never visited the former grill-your-own-steaks restaurant, I was interested in trying out Draft Republic, which specializes in craft beer and housemade sausages. I recently went to check it out with my friend CC.

The restaurant has its own parking lot, which is nice because the rest of the plaza can get quite crowded. The interior is quite spacious, with plenty of seating and ping pong tables too.

Maple Bourbon Bacon Sticks with Apple Chips

I was worried this was just going to be thin slices of bacon glazed with maple bourbon, but I was happy to find that it was actually thick slices of smoked pork belly served on sticks. I really enjoyed the presentation and found the pork belly tender and smoky, finished with a sweet sticky glaze. It was quite delicious.

It’s the start of 2015, so I’m trying to share some healthy recipes, like this super easy microwave egg white omelette which you can even eat on-the-go.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable last few weeks. I’m having a hard time getting back into my usual schedule. We spent Christmas traveling and then kept it low key last week. I’ve spent a lot of my free time re-watching Friends on Netflix. I’m not sure why I am so excited that it is now available on Netflix. I actually own all the DVDs, so I could have watched whenever I wanted to, but I haven’t really watched it in years, except for occasionally catching it on tv.

I guess I’m not the only one watching. While going into a Starbucks the other day, I walked past a group of friends having a heated discussion and overheard one guy say “Joey is the kind of guy you marry, not Chandler.” I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or to interject.

Sapp Coffee Shop

On our last road trip to Los Angeles, our friends took us to Sapp Coffee Shop, which is supposed to have the best Thai boat noodles in Los Angeles, even earning a visit from Anthony Bourdain.

The small, no-frills shop, has a handful of tables, with a long menu of dishes ranging between $5-7.

Jade Noodles

We started with an order of the jade noodles, which is almost as famous as the boat noodles. I loved the colors of the dish, from the green noodles to the bright red pieces of bbq pork. I was a little dubious when I saw chunks of melted granulated sugar on top, but it actually worked. T dish really hit on all the taste profiles: salty, sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, but in a very balanced way.

Boat Noodles