Boba Bar and Desserts is now serving the puffle cone! As you may recall, the puffle cone started at Cauldron Ice Cream┬áin Orange County. It’s a Hong Kong-style egg waffle wrapped like a cone.

I woke up Sunday morning and saw Boba Bar and Desserts’ announcement on Instagram that they’d be offering the puffle cone as a weekend special and quickly made my way over to try it. I guess their test-run was quite successful because they’ve since announced that they will be serving it at their location inside Zion Market until their second location opens– at which point it’ll be an exclusive item at the second location.

Poke U

Poke U recently opened inside Zion market’s food court. While most of the food vendors inside Zion market have been a steady presence since Zion market opened, this space seems to be an unlucky one. It’s gone through several concept changes including fast food Chinese food restaurant, sushi restaurant, perhaps one or two that have slipped my mind, and now a build-your-own poke bowl restaurant. Oh and they also serve ramen too.

I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to try it out, but since I’ve tried out every other poke restaurant that’s popped up in San Diego so far, I felt like I had to give it a try.

All the poke bowls are made-to-order, and you choose your base, fishes, toppings and sauce. You can choose from a small, medium or large bowl. Most of the other place we’ve been to just have two sizes: regular or large. We chose a medium, which was about the same amount of food as the typical large.

It’s the last weekend of June and so I really need to get this post written! Here are my favorite bites from May:

Tofu made with Wisteria flowers from Shoraian (Kyoto Japan)

One of our most memorable meals in Japan was a multi-course tasting lunch at Shoraian, which specializes in tofu. We tasted tofu in many different forms and one of my favorite dishes from our meal was the tofu with wisteria flowers, inspired by an artist (more on that when the full post is written). This course changes with the season, and it just so happened the flowers were in season during our visit. The pale purple square of tofu was so pretty, and it tasted as wonderful as it looked.

Fried Chicken from The Crack Shack (San Diego, California)

I still can’t get enough of the fried chicken at The Crack Shack. The super crunchy, crackly batter is the highlight. But the chicken itself is also juicy and moist. I normally get tired of a restaurant after 2-3 visits in one year, but we’ve been here several times since the restaurant’s opening, and I still constantly crave the fried chicken. It’s been the top place I recommend for friends coming to San Diego and it was my first stop after coming home from vacation.