Convoy Tofu House

Convoy Tofu House
4229 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 573-2511

I have a love-hate relationship with yelp reviews.  I have found some great places through yelp, but have also been extremely disappointed by yelp.  This is one of the latter.

I came across Convoy Tofu House when searching for Chon Ju Jip.  Until then, the only Tofu House I knew about was Tofu House, also on Convoy, in the same complex as Tapioca Express and Yogurt World. While I enjoy the korean-style tofu stews, I generally stay away from Tofu House because of the limited korean menu and I think that the charge for a bowl of tofu soup and some banchan is simply too high.  Especially when they sell powder packets of the broth that taste just the same as the broth served in my opinion, for about 3 packets for $2 at the Korean markets. So, usually when I am craving banchan and korean food, I prefer to go to one of the many other korean restaurants on Convoy that serve a lot of other dishes in addition to the tofu stews.


The reviews I read of Convoy Tofu House were so positive that I was excited.  Maybe I had just been going to the wrong tofu house all this time.  Boyfriend and I got a chance to try it out for lunch one Saturday.

Right away, we were given a pitcher of Barley tea.. 

I love barley tea, so I was excited to see the big pitcher given to us.  Unfortunately, the tea did not taste like barley tea at all.  It tasted very watered down.  In fact, other than the fact that itwas yellow/brown in color, I would have thought I was drinking plain water. I really couldnt taste much barley tea in this drink.  Boyfriend usually dislikes barley tea but didnt have a problem drinking this because he said it tasted like water.

After that, we waited quite a while for our food to come. Here is the banchan that came with our food:

They tasted pretty good, but were pretty standard.  Nothing really stood out.

I ordered the tofu stew with bibimbap combo.  The tofu stews are priced at about $8-9.  The combo with the vegetable bibimbap was listed at $12,99, if I remember correctly. I thought this would be a good deal.

Here is my tofu stew.  It came out bubbling and boiling.

Now here is my vegetable bibimbap:

Now I'm not that familiar with korean food.  But my understanding of bibimbap is that is is a rice bowl dish.  When I had read vegetables, I thought it would be a rice bowl dish with some sauteed vegetable and no meat.  What I got was basically a salad.  No rice in the bowl.  Some vegetables were served on raw lettuce.  Some of the vegetables were raw, some were similar to the banchan we had been served.  This was really disappointing to me.  I had basically paid $4 for a small salad.  A very disappointing small salad.

Boyfriend ordered the beef bugolgi.

The beef was very flavorful and tasty. But I thought that it was a bit pricey. In fact all of the dishes in general I thought were about $1 or 2 more than the prices at the other Tofu House.

Overall, a disappointing experience. I prefer the some other korean restaurants in the area, and I think I even prefer the other Tofu House compared to this one.

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4 comments on “Convoy Tofu House”

  1. Key Kirbie – About the only thing I would eat at Convoy Tofu House is the Yook Soo Bulgogi….I’m not sure if it’s still on the menu, but it was a minimum two person dish.

  2. Kirk- I’ll keep that in mind if I ever go back.

  3. that’s too bad about this place. the last time i went i thought it was pretty good. for the bibimbap, i think some places give you the rice separately and you mix it in yourself, whereas if you went to a place that used a stone pot, they’d already have the rice in there to develop a nice crust.

  4. The taste wasn’t too bad. I just thought it was a bit overpriced. For the bibimbap, i didn’t get any rice! not separately or in stone pot.

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