JJ Bakery revisit

J J Bakery-Cafe
15333 Culver Drive
Ste 660/650
Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 653-1565

I had a chance to visit JJ Bakery Cafe again this past weekend.  My previous post can be found here. Here are some of the items I picked up from this visit:

Boyfriend got a slice of the chocolate mousse:


I picked up some red bean cookies. Sorry for the poor lighting.

I also finally tried the taro bread loaf which I have seen a couple of times, but never tried until now.

I forgot to take a picture before eating some, so some of this bread is actually missing. Heehee. I love how this bread looks with the giant swirls on top.  The bread is soft and has some taro swirled in.  It was very soft and not too sweet, but something seemed to be missing for me.

I also picked up a bunch of traditional pineapple breads with no filling:

While I was there, I noticed that they serve afternoon tea and cakes.  The cakes are 15% off and they serve free cookies.  I'll have to try it out sometime.  I also noticed even more new breads, very similar to the ones at 85C

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