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Restaurant week is fast approaching for those of you who have not heard.  This upcoming restaurant takes place from September 13-18.  You can find a list of restaurants and menus at  Make sure to make your reservations early!

For those of you who have not participated in San Diego's restaurant week before, it's something they launched a few years ago, and now offer twice a year.  A lot of restaurants participate with a fixed three course menu, ranging in price from $20, $30, or $40.  This is a great opportunity to sample a variety of dishes from various restaurants.

Boyfriend and I like to take this opportunity to go to the fine dining spots that we usually only go to on special occasions.  The fine dining places are usually the ones priced at $40.


Through restaurant week, Boyfriend and I have found a lot of great restaurants and some disappointments. 

One of our favorites to go to is Oceanaire.  Most of the restaurants have their restaurant week menu online.  The Oceanaire one looks limited, but their actual restaurant week menu is much bigger.  Rather than just offering 3 choices, like most restaurants, they offer about 7-8 appetizer choices, 7-8 main dishes, and all their desserts.  Plus, since their menu changes daily, you could technically go every day of restaurant week and try something new.  Oceanaire is also extremely generous with their menu.  Some restaurants will limit their price fixed menu to some of their cheaper entrees.  Oceanaire offers main entrees which are usually priced between $30-40, making the $40 for an appetizer, entree and dessert a pretty good deal.  Plus their famous and expensive crab cake is always a choice for an appetizer. 

Another one we enjoy is George's at the Cove.  They offer their full menu for restaurant week, with the choice of paying a couple dollars extra for items not on the fixed $40 menu.  This allows you to sample the entire menu. 

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  1. oceanaire is so good!!! $40 for app, entree and dessert there is a great deal. went with my sister and family last month and enjoyed the scallops, fried oysters and HUGE desserts!!!

  2. I love Oceanaire too. Have you ever had their Baked Alaska for dessert? It’s yummy and a very cool presentation. I think $40 is a great deal too, since entrees are usually almost $40 alone.

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