Papaya Milk

What does one do with a papaya that never quite ripened properly?  Make papaya milk of course!  It's so easy to make, and delicious, especially if you like papaya.

papaya, milk, granulated sugar


1.  Cut papaya into cubes.  One cup of papaya makes approximately two cups of papaya milk.
2.  Put one cup of papaya in blender.  Pour about one cup of milk into the blender. 
3.  Add approximately  2-3 tablespoons of sugar.
4.  Blend on high speed until completely liquefied.  Serve chilled.

4 comments on “Papaya Milk”

  1. Oooh, like a smoothie! A great use for not-perfect fruit.

  2. Hi Carolyn- Yes it’s like a smoothie! I drink it often. My mom read some article that it supposed to give you great skin and some other benefits. I haven’t noticed it doing anything for me, but I love how it tastes.

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