Diddy Riese Cookies

Diddy Riese Cookies
926 Broxton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-0448


When I used to visit friends at UCLA, we always had to stop by Diddy Riese Cookies in Westwood.  Diddy Riese is a very popular bakery, which is busy all day long and has lines out the door even late at night.  (It's open until midnight or 1 am on most nights.)  However, don't let the lines deter you because the staff is really fast.  The main reason why Diddy Riese is so popular is their cheap prices.  Currently it is 35 cents for a large, fresh baked cookie.  Or 3 cookies for $1.  It used to be 25 cents each when I first started going, then a couple years ago the price when up a little, but it is still really cheap.


The cookies might not be gourmet, but they are fresh and tasty.  Diddy Riese offers a variety of flavors including chocolate chip, chocolate chip with walnuts, chocolate chocolate chip with walnuts, chocolate with white chocolate chips, macadamia nut with white chocolate chips, cinnamon, peanut butter, candy, white chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin.

I always get a large box of cookies, which fits four dozen.  This time I got a dozen chocolate chip, a dozen candy chip cookies, half a dozen peanut butter, half a dozen cinnamon sugar, half a dozen double chocolate with walnuts, and half a dozen oatmeal raisin.

Diddy Riese also offers a couple of other baked goods, such as brownies.  I never tried their brownies before, but they were so big, and only 50 cents each, so I got half a dozen of them as well.  The brownies were rich and chewy and seemed to have a hint of sour cream. 

One of the newer items at Diddy Riese is their shaved ice.  I haven't tried it before, and I didn't get a chance to on this occassion.

One of the most popular items at Diddy Riese other than their cookies are their ice cream sandwiches.  You choose two fresh baked cookies, and they make you a fresh ice cream sandwich with Dreyer's ice cream.  The sandwiches are really big.  They used to be $1.  Now they are $1.50.

I got an ice cream sandwich with chocolate chip ice cream, one chocolate chip cookie and one candy chip cookie.  Delicious but also very hard to finish because it's so big.

14 comments on “Diddy Riese Cookies”

  1. Hi Kirbie! That ice cream sandwich looks so good! I think your post is perfect timing since it’ll jump start me on my list of baked goods for the holidays. It is just around the corner!

  2. Hey Kirbie – You sure do have a sweet tooth!!!

  3. I’m getting ready to do some holiday baking too! I usually start trying out recipes for Thanksgiving around this time. I’ve been seeing so many creative uses of pumpkin and such. I can’t wait to read about some of your baking!

  4. I know I know..so unhealthy! But just to clarify, I didn’t eat four dozen cookies. Hehe. I only kept about a dozen, and I bought extra to share with friends, family and coworkers.

  5. OMG. That brings back such good memories! I went to college in LA as well and I remember also visiting my cousin at UCLA and she bought me these cookies! I remember the cookies were SUPER cheap and not bad. I think they were .25c/each too at the time. Why doesn’t SD have a place like that?!
    Why did you buy so many dozen(s)?!! That’s awesome.
    I was on a pumpkin-anything craze for a bit. My friend’s mom made a killer pumpkin chocolate chip cookie – you should experiment w/ that one. I bet it would be tasty.
    Great post!

  6. I bought a bunch so I could give some to friends, family and coworkers. Not because I can actually eat four dozen! haha.
    You’re in luck. I’m totally on a pumpkin craze too and on my list to bake this weekend are pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! I’ve seen quite a few recipes and plan on trying one out.

  7. lol 4 dozen cookies, gawddamn!
    but yes, diddy riese is awesome!
    pumpkin chocolate chp cookies sound good. look forward to ur recipe so i can try it out

  8. OMG, how funny on the pumpkin. I have a recipe for Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cookies right in front of me. I’m getting ready to transfer it from the 3×5 cards to a Word file for my records. Ah, must the Great Pumpkin spirit rising!!
    Can’t wait to see your pumpkin chocolate chip recipe, too!

  9. YUM!!!!!!!! i love diddy riese!! their ice cream sandwiches, their cinnamon/white chocolate/double chocolate/m&m cookies.. never tried their brownies though.. will have to try that next time i’m back in town.

  10. I miss that place! I used to have to make a stop everytime I was in the area. Sooooo good!

  11. I know, 4 dozen is a lot. I couldn’t resist though. so many different cookies to choose from and so cheap!

  12. Pumpkin peanut butter cookies sounds good. I had fun experimenting with pumpkin this weekend. I’ll be writing my posts soon.

  13. I love the m&m cookies and the double choc! This was my first time trying the cinnamon and I liked it too. I never had brownies on all the dozens of past visits I went on. I’m not sure why I suddenly thought to try them this time, but I liked them.

  14. I’m rarely near there anymore. I hadn’t been there for more than 2 years.

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