Christmas Desserts Roundup

I was so busy trying out different dessert recipes for Thanksgiving this year, that I completely forgot Christmas was just around the corner.  So while I had almost two months to try out Thanksgiving recipes, I only had about three weeks to try out Christmas ones.  As a result, I didn't get to try out nearly as many recipes as I wanted.  I will probably continue to test out more recipes throughout January.

Much like Thanksgiving, my family has a gathering with our extended family between Christmas and New Year to celebrate the holidays.  I provide the desserts just like during Thanksgiving.  We used to do a potluck, but the last few years we've been going out to eat.  So no one misses out on Christmas treats, I still bake a lot of goodies, which I give to each family to take home. So for anyone who is curious as to what made my list this year, here is a roundup of the holiday treats that I made (Since I've already done posts on these desserts, I didn't retake photos):

Red Velvet Rose Cupcakes



Gingerbread family cookies


Soft sugar cookies

Green Tea Christmas Shortbread Cookies

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  1. Hello
    Its interesting to read your post.Those cookies are colorful with nice different shapes.We had wonderful Christmas with delicious dinner and my favorite chocolate chips cheese cake.

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