Hu Chiang Dumpling House

Hu Chiang Dumpling House
10877 North Wolfe Road
Cupertino, CA 95015
(408) 873-4813

While in the Bay Area over Christmas, I got to meet up with one of my closest friends and my former eating buddy.  She's now on the East Coast finishing up grad school, so we don't see each other much.  But when we do, it's always a lot of fun.  She's always up for trying new food, cooking, baking.  And she and I like a lot of the same stuff.

We decided to check out Hu Chiang Dumpling House which is supposed to have some great soup dumplings. We went for lunch, and the place was so crowded!  We had to wait a bit for a table.


Since the dumplings are their specialty, we decided to stick with ordering dumplings.  We ordered the juicy beef dumplings and the juicy scallop dumplings, both which are highly recommended. 

The scallop dumplings came first.  The scallop taste took some getting used to.  The taste of scallops is a lot more subtle than beef or pork.  But after a few, I really liked how they tasted.  Also there was a lot of soup in each dumpling.  Enough soup to entirely fill the soup spoon.

Next we got the beef dumplings.  I've had the pork dumplings here once and wasn't impressed.  The beef dumplings were on the chef recommended list. I've never had beef dumplings– only pork. I wasn't sure how they would be, but they tasted really good.  Very flavorful (though also very oily).  We liked both of the dumplings.  They are a bit expensive, ($10 for the scallop, $8 for the beef) but they are probably some of the tastiest dumplings I've had other than Din Tai Fung.  The skin is pretty thin, there is a lot of soup and the meat filling is flavorful.

They also had a deal where you can choose four cold appetizer dishes for $10.95.  You get to choose two meat ones and two vegetarian ones.  We chose jelly fish, cucumbers, drunken chicken and smoked duck leg. I was really impressed with the jelly fish and the smoked duck leg.  I've had a lot of cold appetizers and usually they all taste pretty much the same wherever I go.  But I thought the sauce used on the jelly fish stood out and the duck was made well.  The drunken chicken was interesting.  It was served with sweet gogi berries. It didn't have a very strong alcohol taste though.

We also ordered a fried milk bun.  It was served with condensed milk.  The bun was fried well without being too oily.  It didn't need the condensed milk, but tasted even better with it.

Finally, for dessert we got pumpkin balls with coconut.  It was basically like pumpkin mochi, except it wasn't very sweet and it was only slightly chewy.

Here is the menu:

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  1. I’m heading back to the Bay Area for Memorial Day weekend. Will have to trying this place out.

  2. I hope you like it!

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