Philippines : Familiar Territory

Hi everyone! Boyfriend here. I apologize for the follow up post taking so much time. Holidays, family and unicorns, but that’s enough excuses out
of me. On to the adventures and images!

There are many diverse things to see, but some of the more
humorous things to see are usually  in
plain sight. Take for example this corner, you’ve got a ton of signage to read
before you have to make a decision on which direction to take on this fork.


Here’s a delivery bike for Pizza Hut, if you’re in an
emergency  you might get pizza delivered
instead of an ambulance. The motto is also confounding as it is already pretty
hot in the area to begin with so how much hotter can your pizza be in normally
hot weather?

Safety first folks, that’s why we’ve put these heavy duty
air conditioning units right above the front door to make sure we can keep an
eye on them if the supports fail. Nothing could go wrong here…

These Gigantic grape fruits look so appetizing, except they’re
sitting next to a heavy trafficked area. It could be dirt or smog or just bugs,
but the fruit certainly isn’t ready to eat until its been washed thoroughly for

I didn’t know the GQ magazine had setup shop in the Philippines.
 I had to take a picture for everyone to
know that GQ magazine not only wants you to know about fashion and guys things ,
but they’ll also dress you.

Finally, there are blatantly sexual expressions used for
various stores. They’re named this way either for the tourists or there was
something missing in translation, but these kinds of signs and naming
conventions are definitely something we in America should adopt.

We started our day eating next door at Andok’s a food place that
has an outdoor seating which is most of the restaurant and a smaller room with
air conditioning.


Longanisa with rice and an egg is a standard breakfast meal.

If you don’t want the Longanisa they also have adobo as the
main course part of the meal.

We also had to try the Siomai, this was definitely very
garlic-y in flavor as it was just covered in garlic and the soy sauce also had
garlic at the bottom of it. Beware vampires.

Spaghetti, if you haven't had Filipino style spaghetti you're missing out… If you're tired of the regular old spaghetti, you need to try this sweet meal, there is plenty of sugar packed into it.

For desert my dad had to get the Mais con Yelo, or corn with
ice. Its like a halo halo mix of corn, concentrated milk, coconut bits and
crushed ice. Very refreshing for any normal day especially when eaten not in
the air conditioned room.

We decided to get our feet wet in a familiar location, still
in Makati at the Landmark Greenbelt area basically connected stores that kind
of make a mall. Who knew malls had food courts, beneath Landmark is a food
court that also includes a bakery and a grocery store.  I had to take pictures of some these exotic
fruits that I won’t be tasting any time soon again.

Although I didn’t taste any of these pastries, I had to take
pictures of them since they looked so strange and interesting.

Of course after all this food watching we actually had to
eat something. This particular setup stood out because of the wonderful display.

Pusit, this is squid stew

This is Langka or translated as Jackfruit. Its been made into a stew.

Sinigang na Baka, Tamarind stew with Beef. Its a sour stew, I love this soup base.

Lechon Kawali – barbecued pork, its pretty overcooked and so it was so hard to chew

Barbecue beef, a standard barbecue with teriyaki sauce.


6 comments on “Philippines : Familiar Territory”

  1. Another wonderful post. Longsilog…. the breakfast of Champions! (or was it Tapsilog??) ;o)

  2. I chuckled the whole time reading this post. 🙂 Loved the cute pastry items!

  3. Wow! My tongue is full of water. There are so delicious food.
    Great to have found this post.

  4. heh heh Tapsilog! Thanks Kirk, but I think its safe to say that anything with rice to start your morning is a breakfast of Pinoy Champions. heh heh.

  5. Lots of funny things around us, we just have to take a moment to point and laugh. 🙂
    The bakery had lots of fun with some of those pasteries, I really wanted to try the egg on the toast…

  6. The food I actually did eat was delicious. Unfortunately, I didn’t try any of the pasteries that day. Thanks for the response Camomile tea!

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