Halmouny Korean BBQ and Tofu

4425 Convoy st #217
San Diego
, CA 92111
(858) 505-9918

The other day we attempted to go to Sushi Yaro again, but once again we failed. We tried to go for lunch and they closed at 2, and we arrived about 2:20. So, we decided to head to Halmouny, another place I had been wanting to try.

Since I wasn't prepared to eat there, I didn't have any time to do research on good dishes. Kirk of mmm-yoso has been there several times. You can read his posts here and here.

First, we were served some ice cold barley tea.

We were given about seven panchan dishes.

The dishes were alright. They offered the more common ones I'm used to seeing. I do wish they offered some more unique ones that aren't as commonly served.

I noticed some lunch specials posted on the board outside the restaurant. The Dduk bulgogi (beef bulgogi hot stew with clear noodles, rice cakes) was being offered for lunch for $8.99, so I chose to try it. It's normally $15.99 for dinner.

I've never actually ordered this dish before, so I don't have much to compare it to. I could taste the beef bulgogi in the soup and through most of the dish. I liked how they used the clear chewy noodles and the rice cakes.

BF wanted to try the grilled sirloin steak.

The steak was really dry. The tops were a bit burned. And there was absolutely no seasoning. It was dry and plain, almost tasting like beef jerky.

I wasn't too impressed with my first trip, but I do want to come back and try some more dishes after I do some research.

Sorry if the posts lately seem a bit short. A lot of things have been going on that have kept me super busy. Hopefully things will calm down next month.

7 comments on “Halmouny Korean BBQ and Tofu”

  1. Hey Kirbie – I actually think the panchan is prepared quite well here. LOL at that sirlion steak thingy though…. you see, Hal Mu Ni means “Grandmother’s”, so when I order I think of stuff a Grandma would make…. usually braised, steamed, or soup. Thanks for the link!

  2. They serve one of my fave banchan dishes – mook! The jelly thingy with the soy sauce-based sauce…
    Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet up during Comic-con. I was exhausted every night and we just wandered to wherever was nearest for dinner that didn’t have a wait and then it was back to the room to shower and sleep off the aching feet…

  3. I feel a bit helpless when I go to Korean places as I don’t know much about Korean food. I like the panchan dishes that I don’t see as much, usually ones with seafood. We thought the sirloin steak would be like beef bugolgi since it is served on a sizzling platter, so we were surprised by how it didn’t have any sort of seasoning or marination.

  4. The mook reminds me of the Japanese Konnyaku. I wonder if it’s the same thing or something similar.
    I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet up, but I was super exhausted too. I was pretty relieved that you didn’t follow up with me about details for Sat and I didn’t follow up with you because I was soo tired. I was exhausted by 5-6 everyday. We left around 6 most days, ate food and then crashed.
    I’m sure we’ll have other chances to meet. =)

  5. Hehe, Con just drains you. I’d be on the floor from 8am-ish and usually didn’t get out till at least 7:30-8pm. And I’d only have a 6″ Subway sandwich during lunch that was brown-bagged. The Con diet! I actually lost weight!

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