Homemade Gnocchi

I love Italian food. A while back, I saw a post by Food Noveau, giving a step by step on making gnocchi. I had never thought to make my own gnocchi, but upon reading the post, it seemed like something I could do.

Gnocchi are traditionally made with potatoes. They are plump, light, and have a texture similar to dumpling skins.


I made sure to thoroughly study the step by step instructions and photos presented by Food Noveau before attempting to make my first gnocchi. One important thing is that you don’t want water getting into your potatoes.

The actual making of the gnocchi was simple. It was time consuming though because I had to cook the potatoes for so long and mash them and I don’t have a masher.

To my delight, my first attempt was a success  and tasted delicious. I loved them. They were soft, light, pillowy, yet still managed to also be thick with a slight chew. My family wasn’t as impressed. They didn’t know what gnocchi was and they didn’t seem to really care for it. After all my hard work and burning myself, I had hoped for a better reception. Next time, I’ll just make these babies for myself.

I served mine with pesto because that’s all I had. Next time I might try them with some marinara sauce.

Food Noveau’s site is so thorough in describing how to make these, that I’m just going to refer you to her site. I followed her recipe exactly as well as her steps.

Here’s a few photos of my steps:

My mashed potatoes. I used a fork, but next time I’m going to buy a potato ricer.

This is my dough rolled out into ropes:

My dough was then cut into small cubes, making them look like little pillows

Each cube was then run down a fork to create the indents.

Now that I know how to make these, next time I’ll make more and freeze them.  I also plan on trying making purple potato ones.

9 comments on “Homemade Gnocchi”

  1. I would have loved it! I love gnocchi. I’m hesitant about ordering in restaurant sometimes because I have had so much bad gnocchi. Sigh. I really should try and make them for myself sometime. I already have a potato ricer that never gets used!

    • I was surprised at how simple they are to make. The only long part is cooking the potatoes. Everything else went so fast. I should have had you over, since no one else seemed to appreciate them!

  2. I am ok with gnocchi but can’t eat lots of them in each serving…seems to get me filled up very easily.

  3. They look delicious, Kirbie! Great job. A potato ricer is definitely makes things a bit easier. Make sure you get one that’s very sturdy. I’ve had one where the lever that pushes potato thru the holes bent. I don’t know if it was my idiot strength but I don’t think that was it. LIke Mary, we rarely order gnocchi at restaurants unless recommended. The best I’ve ever had was this restaurant in South Beach, FL that was melt in your mouth delicious! So of course my bar has been set pretty high.

  4. Ah, so that’s what went wrong the one time i made gnocchi; I boiled the potatoes without the skins and made them wet. Well now that I know better, I’m definitely ready to give it another try 😀

    • Oh yes. I read several sites and they all said the potato skins must remain on during boiling so too much water doesn’t get in. Hopefully your next try works out better!

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