Aebleskivers filled with nutella

A few of my readers have suggested that I try aebleskivers, which are danish pancakes. I’ve been wanting to try making them but they require a special pan to obtain the spherical shape.

I was hesitant to buy a pan just to make danish pancakes especially since I didn’t even know how they tasted. However, I finally pulled the trigger when I saw ones sold on Amazon for a reasonable price and I realized I could also  use this pan to make takoyaki (octopus balls which are a popular Japanese appetizer).

I purchased this Norpro Panand I used it this weekend. The pan worked well and the aebleskivers came out beautifully. They were light, fluffy and you can make them plain or fill them with jam or other filling. I filled mine with nutella. These made a perfect Saturday morning breakfast. I loved the shape and the ability to just pop one into my mouth.

I used a recipe I found on Christine’s Recipes for dutch pancakes, which is similar to danish pancakes. You can view the recipe here. The recipe was easy to whip together and I had all the ingredients on hand.  I followed the recipe as is, and then added some nutella to the middle after filling the pan with batter. I put some powdered sugar on top as well before serving.


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  1. Nutella makes everything taste good 🙂

  2. My face totally lit up when i saw this post! Oh how I’ve been wanting to buy a Aebleskiver pan (is it also spelled Ebleskiver – that’s how they spelled it for the William Sonoma version).

    Do you think it would work w/ Bisquick?

    But oh man, the nutella looks divine !

    I hope you find more things to stuff these puppies with – maybe make something savory?

    Nice job!!

    • You can definitely use bisquick. I saw a lot of people using pancake mix. It’s probably not as “authentic” but it will taste yummy. I saw the pan at william sonoma but the one I got at amazon was cheaper and works great. I was thinking of making something savory, something similar to takoyaki but with other ingredients. I’ll let you know what I come up with!

  3. I’m Danish and must admit that I have never seen æbleskiver been filled with nutella. It might be good, even though it seems a little odd for someone who is used to them in the traditional way. It is funny though to see traditions being challenged a bit:)
    Even though æbleskiver means “slices of apple” they are not filled with apple anymore. In few of the Danish regions they are stil stuffed with apple but rhubarb is also seen. Usually you just dip them in powdered sugar and rasberry or strawberry jam to spice the plain pancake up a little. I guess people though it was easier to dip than to fill:)

    AND they are only served around christmas! Unfortunately:(

    • Thanks for the information. I’ve only seen them filled with fruit, the nutella thing was my own little addition. I like to try to add nutella to almost everything! That’s sad that they are only served around Christmas. I would love to try some traditional ones!

  4. If you like Aebleskiver you should check this place out there the best you can read about Aebleskiver or buy kits with a pan or go to them and try them there. I grew up 20 min away from this place and when i go home to see my perents i got to stop by and get me some Arne’s Famous Aebleskiver yummmy!!!

  5. looks really great! i’m a pan junkie too…

  6. can this pan be used on a electric plate ? I do not have a gass stove here

    • I’m not quite sure. I’ve never attempted it on an electric plate so I don’t know if it generates enough heat.

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