Pretzel Rolls

I once had these pretzel rolls that were served as a bread starter at a restaurant I was dining at. I loved the shape and look of the rolls but I was a little disappointed because they didn’t really taste like pretzels.

After that, I came across a few pretzel rolls posts and made a note that I wanted to try making them at some point, but then I forgot about it. Recently, I saw some homemade pretzel rolls posted by fellow SD blogger Vicki of A Work in Progress, and I really wanted to make them. Hers came out so much prettier than mine so you should definitely take a look at hers.

She used a recipe provided by Stresscake, which is actually an adaption of Alton Brown’s soft pretzel recipe which I use all the time for my soft pretzel creations.

The pretzels are supposed to have a slash mark on the top exposing the white underneath but I was having trouble slashing my dough without the dough getting indented and losing its round shape, so a lot of my slash marks didn’t pierce the skin of the dough properly.

Also my pretzel balls ended up having a two-tone colors, with the bottom being much darker than the surface of each roll. I think what happened was that when I was poaching the dough, my water level wasn’t high enough so the bottom side got exposed to more water and ended up being much darker than the top of the dough which wasn’t really poached properly.


Also I didn’t have any pretzel salt to decorate with. So they don’t look perfect, but they still tasted great. Dense, soft and chewy on the inside, they are like a soft pretzel, but with more of the soft inside layer. These rolls taste good on their own but would be great for a sandwich too.

I’ll have to make them again soon and hopefully they will come out better looking next time.  I am submitting this post to Yeastspotting.

The full recipe can be found here.

11 comments on “Pretzel Rolls”

  1. These look fantastic, I actually made your recipe for Soft Pretzel Bites (haven’t blogged about those yet but definitely planning on it) and they were a HUGE hit! These look great, too, so I’ll definitely be trying them out.

    • Thanks. I think next time I’m going to make these a little bigger so I can use them as sandwich rolls or maybe make them longer and stick a hot dog in them. So glad you like the soft pretzel bites. I love them too, though I think I end up eating way too many little bites. More than if I just ate one soft pretzel. Oh well.

  2. Hey Kirbie – Aren’t these wonderful? I’ve made them 3 times already, and plan on doing them as long sticks next. I’m addicted.

    • Wow, 3 times! Yes I am going to do the baguette size ones next time and stick some sausages in them or make them as sandwiches. I need to find a sharper knife for the slash marks.

  3. I love making these a bit bigger and build sandwiches with them. Fantastic!

  4. Hi! I’m having a linky party called A Themed Baker’s Sunday where this weeks theme is bread! I would love for you to join! Hope to see you there!

  5. Hi Kirbie,
    yes it looks like you didn’t have enough Brezellauge (Sodium hydroxid alkaline) to submerge your dough. This will probably have caused the colour shades. I work for a German bakery and would suggest you freeze your dough rolls after they have risen to the desired size. That is the “common way” of doing it. After they are frozen throughout, submerge them in the alkaline water for a few seconds, sprinkle with salt and let them defrost until the outer 5 millimeter are soft. Now slice them and bake the rolls. They should be perfect now.

  6. Awesome! These are sooo good! I make them regularly and my daughter normally helps me so it is a team effort since I like to make several at one time since everyone loves them so much!

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