Bread and Cie

Bread and Cie is my favorite French bakery in San Diego and I like to stop by whenever I’m in the area for some treats. They also serve a breakfast and lunch menu, but I haven’t yet checked it out.

We recently paid a visit to Bread and Cie, and after browsing the various desserts, I chose a few to take home.


I got a chocolate macaron. No picture because I ate it in the car. I couldn’t resist. It was pretty big and tasty. The shell was chewy and not brittle like some places make it.

I also picked up a mini French baguette.

A slice of mango mousse cake

A small eclair. The small is still pretty big. I love the eclairs here. The cream and puff pastry are just right.

I also picked up a bag of assorted biscotti cookies. These weren’t like classic biscotti. The cookies were much crunchier and thinner. Still very enjoyable though and I liked that there was a variety of flavors in the bag.

Parking can be an issue in Hillcrest, but luckily Bread and Cie has its own parking lot for customers, and there is usually a space open. I’ve enjoyed all the desserts I try here, whether it be cake, cookies, croissants, cupcakes, etc.

Bread & Cie
350 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 683-9322
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4 comments on “Bread and Cie”

  1. I LOVE how you don’t have a photo of the macaron because you ATE it in the CAR! Yes! I’m not the only one…

    • Haha. Yeah, my self control is pretty limited, especially with macarons and mochi. There is this place that makes fresh mochi and I can never wait until we get home to eat them. So we started buying two of everything so I could eat one in the car, and still have one left of each one to take a picture of for the blog.

  2. Mango mousse cake! I was just looking at different recipes for that yesterday. My SIL’s b-day is coming up and I haven’t quite decided yet as to what kind of cake to bake her. But that cake is making me lean that way.

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