Cali Baguette Express

Cali Baguette Express recently opened a location on Convoy, to my great excitement.

I first read of its opening on mmm-yoso. You can read mmm-yoso’s visit here.

Cali Baguette Express is a chain of restaurants that offer Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches. To those who’ve never had a banh mi, generally, banh mi sandwiches consist of a french baguette filled with some meat filling, pickled daikon and carrots, cucumbers, chili peppers, cilantro and mayonnaise. The combination may sound a little odd to those who have never had a banh mi, but the toppings work well together to create a delicious sandwich.


While Cali Baguette Express does not necessarily serve the best banh mi sandwiches, the sandwiches are made quickly (hence the name) and the quality is pretty consistent.

Cali Baguette Express offers your typical banh mi sandwich filling varieties. In addition, they also offer some other Vietnamese dishes and drinks.

Like many other Banh mi sandwich shops, they also offer some snacks and other prepared foods.

We went with a few people and everyone ordered a sandwich.

#8 Asian sausage

Here is #2 pork loaf with pate.

#6 BBQ pork

#13 Grilled beef

#1 Cali Special (Vietnamese pork loaf, pate and ham)

We also ordered an avocado smoothie which ended up being a huge disappointment. Both the fiancee and I love Vietnamese avocado shakes. It’s usually very creamy and slightly sweet. The one here was sweeter than an ice cream milkshake  and tasted nothing like avocado.

Besides the drink, the sandwiches were pretty good and on par with the other Cali Baguette locations. I’m sure I’ll be back often to pick up one of these sandwiches when I’m out and about running errands or want to go to the beach for the day.

Cali Baguette Express
4425 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 278-2525

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  1. This is close to the office, so it’s nice to pick up a bahn mi for lunch. Plus, I prefer their baguette over K Sandwiches. The parking lot is tiny, and they have signs posted for Cali Baguette parking only (No Chin’s parking).

    • Oh yeah I saw those signs for the parking lot. It is very tiny. I hate parking there but then a lot of the parking for the Convoy plazas suck. I like the baguette here better too.

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