Peanut Butter Cookies stuffed with Snickers and the puppy that almost ate them all

I haven’t tried many peanut butter cookie recipes and recently had a craving to find a good one. I found one I liked, but I think these cookies will forever be remembered as the cookies that almost killed the puppy.

We have this puppy that lives with us part time. Part time because it’s actually my brother’s girlfriend’s dog. So the puppy is here a lot whenever she is over or when she is at work. Normally, the puppy stays in my brother’s room, or comes to my room if I’m home. It rarely is left to wander unsupervised around the house.

After I finished photographing this plate, I set the cookies on the coffee table for everyone to enjoy. At some point my brother and his girlfriend left the house to run some errands and the puppy ended up downstairs. I was upstairs in my room and had no idea it was wandering around downstairs by himself. Luckily for us and the puppy, FH decided to go grab a cookie and went downstairs to find the puppy eating them.

There was a lot of yelling. I ran downstairs to see what had happened. Obviously I was freaked since there were chocolate chips and a mini snickers bar in the cookie and from my count, he had eaten at least one whole cookie. And he’s such a skinny, scrawny thing. After some monitoring for a few hours, he seemed okay. He didn’t even get sick. He just went right on jumping and playing (This puppy just won’t sit still. He never even likes to cuddle.)

So now no more baked goods on the coffee table even if the puppy isn’t around. I recently spent an afternoon trying to take a picture of him but only got about one good shot. I am so thankful that FH decided to go get a cookie when he did or else who knows how many cookies the puppy would have eaten!


Anyway, on to the cookies. The cookies are surprisingly soft. I don’t think I’ve ever had a soft peanut butter cookie before, but I quite enjoyed it. They did crumble easily, which was the only downside. The original recipe calls for pieces of snickers to be mixed into the dough along with chocolate chips. But I just couldn’t resist. I had some mini snickers and they just were asking to be stuffed into the cookies.

I know I’ve done the stuffed cookies before, but I didn’t really love the last version I made. I like this one much better. I used a recipe I found on Two Peas and Their Pod. I followed the recipe exactly except for the fact that I stuffed the cookies with Snickers rather than cutting them up and spreading them throughout the dough.

I really love the shape of these cookies. A little lumpy, crackly. They are just how homemade cookies should look.

6 comments on “Peanut Butter Cookies stuffed with Snickers and the puppy that almost ate them all”

  1. So happy to be on Twitter when your tweeted your post. [Old ladies like me sleep way early.] I must admit I had to click on the link right away because you said PUPPY!

    Thanks for sharing =).

  2. Me too! Like Annapet, I had to come over due to “puppy” concern. I was just worrying about your predicament yesterday. I was photographing some caramel apples I made for my son (braces off!!). I left them sitting on the dining room table. I wondered if the cat would go check them out and then make a sticky mess! So glad your puppy roomie is o.k.

    • I’m glad too. I guess your cat is smart enough not to get into the caramel apples! I definitely won’t make the mistake again.

  3. Those look yummy! Interestingly, I heard a vet on NPR mention that she’d never actually come across a dog that had actually got ill from eating chocolate (apart from throwing up from eating too much!) and I verified that with a couple of vet friends, and they said the same.

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