Strawberry Cake

I love simple fresh fruit cakes and can never resist trying a new recipe. Recently The Food Librarian made Martha Stewart’s Strawberry Cake and I immediately wanted to make it.

The recipe looked easy and I was intrigued by the pie dish the cake is supposed to be baked in.

I was out of fresh strawberries, so I used some frozen ones. Sadly, they don’t look nearly as pretty and vibrant as baking with fresh ones.

The cake batter was a cinch to make. So when I saw that it still needed to bake for about an hour, I was a little impatient. I guess I expected the baking to go just as fast as the preparation.

I had mixed feelings about this cake. The texture is quite dense, to the point where it doesn’t really taste like a cake. It is also a little too sweet for my personal preference. And yet it was somewhat addicting. I couldn’t stop myself from promptly polishing off a slice after I finished photographing it.

However, this recipe won’t be going in my bin of favorites. I prefer a more tender crumb to my cakes.

You can view the full recipe here.

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