Do Re Mi revisit

A few weeks ago, FH and I paid Do Re Mi a revisit. Do Re Mi is one of our favorite spots when we are in the mood for something healthy yet hearty.

We love coming to Do Re Mi because the staff is always so welcoming that it almost feels like dining at home. The huge amount of free banchan is also a plus too. After we sat down we were immediately presented with this two bite cold appetizer. It’s some sort of noodle salad that has been flavored with vinegar and sugar.

Soon after we placed our orders, the parade of banchan came out. I love how many banchan are provided here and it seems to be something they are quite proud of. They openly advertise unlimited refills of their banchan on the menu.

Once all the cold banchan arrived, we also got the steamed egg, Gyeran-Jjim.  I love how it arrives still bubbly and cooking though it does make picture taking a bit difficult. The steamed egg is one of my favorites. The egg is beaten and cooked in this bubbly broth, creating a silky, soft egg souffle.

I decided to order the tofu stew with mushrooms. It comes with a side of rice.

FH decided to try the bibimbap. I love bibimbap because of the crusty rice that develops along the inside edge of the stone pot. As a kid, whenever my mom made fried rice, I would eat the crusty portions that got stuck to her wok. It really brings back memories. The crusty portion is crispy, and a little chewy and harder than the rest of the rice but it’s such a treat.

We both enjoyed the mix of marinated beef and vegetables mixed with the rice and this was quite filling, even on it’s own.

While we ate, our waitress approached a few times to check to see if we wanted any of our banchan dishes refilled. I love how willing they are to refill them.

Our dinner was followed by some cold, sweet cinnamon tea to cleanse our palate.  It was a great experience as always and we left feeling full and happy.

Previous visits can be read here and here.

Do Re Mi House
8199 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 565-2085
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6 comments on “Do Re Mi revisit”

  1. Thanks to your previous posts on Do Re Mi House, this place has been our #1 favorite Korean restaurant… anywhere!

  2. I see this place all the time but have never eaten there. It has been a while since we’ve gone out for Korean food. I think once the cooler weather sets in, we’ll have to try this place.

  3. I love Do Re Mi!!! My husband and I usually get the duk bok gi (sorry if I’m murdering that spelling) and a bottle of bakseju which is a tasty rice/corn/ginseng Korean wine that cuts through the spiciness perfectly. It’s a perfect late night snack – they are open late usually too. Do Re Mi has made themselves a very successful little restaurant with good food, reasonable prices and good service.

    • I don’t usually go there late, but I do like that it is a late night option. Hmm, I’ll have to try the wine sometime!

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