Avocado Fries

I had some ripe avocados and some bread crumb mix, and immediately thought of making avocado fries. Soft creamy avocado with a crispy crunchy exterior. Yum.

I previously tried making bacon avocado fries which was really delicious. This time I used this new breadcrumb mix that I received a complimentary sample of as being part of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers program, Kikkoman Kara-Áge Soy-Ginger Seasoned Coating Mix. While it’s suggested to be used for fish and chicken, I thought it would work well with avocado too because soy-ginger and avocados are usually used with sushi.

Because the bread crumb mixture was so fine, I decided to add some panko crumbs for an extra crunch. I’m not really fond of how panko looks. It doesn’t pack on as nicely and each crumb is so large. But it’s so crunchy and yummy that I’m glad I added it.

These were easy to make and devoured in minutes. The soy ginger flavor went well with the breadcrumbs and did remind me a bit of sushi rolls.

Avocado Fries


3 whole ripe avocados
1 cup of soy-ginger coating mix (or any flavor of breadcrumbs)
1 cup of panko bread crumbs
1 egg
oil for frying


1. Slice avocados in half lengthwise and then remove pit. Then cut about four slices on each half (also along the longer edge), to form shape of fries.
2. Pour oil in pan about 1 inch deep. Heat to medium high.
3. Beat egg and place in small bowl. Place regular breadcrumbs and panko ones into another bowl. Take fry, dip in egg, then dip in breadcrumbs mixture and gently put in the fryer. Cook for about 20 seconds until golden brown and flip to the other side and do same. Repeat with remaining fries.


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8 comments on “Avocado Fries”

  1. Looks delicious! I love panko-crusted anything too haha.

  2. This looks amazing. I bet this would be a hit at a dinner party!

    Did the avocado stay crispy ? Did it taste heavy or oily?

    I remember your fried bacon coated avocado thing from way back! I’m going to try your current version and include the ranch dressing as a dip.

    Nice recipe!

    • The avocados stayed crispy for a while. The panko bread crumbs really helps because the other breadcrumbs don’t really stay crispy. I didn’t think it tasted heavy but I think having Ranch dressing is a good idea or else it is a little plain.

  3. wow, fried avocado for the win! the texture must be amazing – smooth avacdo with the crispy coating! yum!

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