Homemade Hello Kitty Cheddar Crackers

I had some cheese leftover from all the mac and cheese recipes I was checking out. I thought it’d be fun to try making my own cheddar crackers.

I saw several recipes that looked really easy to make. And they were. Especially if you have a food processor because you just throw everything in and you end up with cheddar cracker dough in minutes.

I wasn’t really sure what sort of shapes I wanted to make. And then I remembered these Hello Kitty vegetable cutters I recently got. They were the perfect size.

I bought the cutters from Jbox. There’s something thrilling about homemade crackers. It’s not hard to make but it felt really good being able to make my own.


And unlike the ones you buy, you can have whatever shape you want. I thought these Hello Kitty ones were so adorable. Even cuter than baby goldfish.

The crackers taste a bit like cheeze-its. They are very cheesy, puffy, and crispy. They would be perfect for a party or for a snack. I would definitely make them again. You can view the recipe here.

18 comments on “Homemade Hello Kitty Cheddar Crackers”

  1. OMG, these are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. My roommate from college was obsessed with Hello Kitty back in the day…I must make these for her!

    • I’m sort of obsessed with Hello Kitty. I’ll buy whatever has her face on it. Haven’t yet seen crackers, so i was happy to be able to make them. =)

  2. Those are almost too cute to eat! I have a lot of grated cheese in the fridge, and I was thinking of making mac & cheese this weekend. Maybe I’ll make some crackers, too.

  3. Most adorable crackers ever! I was just thinking the other day that I could probably make crackers. I’m really into making breads right now. Crackers seem like a good future project.

  4. These are so incredibly cute! Chheddar crackers definitely make my list of top 10 favorite snacks, and i can eat a TON of them at once… 🙂 so I’d probably have to quadruple this recipe, haha!

    • I’m not quite sure how to quantity the amount this recipe made but it was a good amount. But maybe you might want to double the recipe.

  5. Those are just too cute for words!

  6. I rarely bake crackers, but I would totally make them all the time just to use those cutters. Or just make teeny tiny cookies. 🙂

  7. i LOVE hello kitty, and i LOVE these crackers!!! must find me some HK veggie cutters 🙂

  8. WHere do I get the receipe for these?

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