Flourless Nutella Mug Cake

I’m really excited to share this recipe with you today. I spent a few hours fiddling in the kitchen to make this dessert for FH, and I’m absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.

A flourless Nutella mug cake. It sounds as good as the name. It’s super easy to put together. Just five ingredients. A little stir. Microwave for less than 2 minutes. And you’re treated to a decadent, moist, flourless Nutella cake.


Because it is flourless, it also pulls away from the cup easily so you can actually transfer this into smaller cups for a prettier presentation. After I finished making the mug cake, I cut it in half and placed each half in one of these heart shaped teacups I bought a while ago on a whim.

I got the idea from No Recipes who created a flourless chocolate cake. It made me realize that if a flourless chocolate cake was possible in the microwave, then so was a flourless Nutella cake. This is my favorite mug cake to date. I’ve already made it three times this week. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Here are the rest of my mug cake creations:

Flourless Nutella Mug Cake


2 tbsp of Nutella
1 tbsp sugar
¼ tsp baking powder
1 tbsp heavy cream
1 large egg


1. Mix all ingredients into a mug. Make sure you thoroughly scrape 2 tbsp of Nutella into your mug. A lot of times, much of it sticks to the measuring spoon and it can throw off the recipe and make it taste too eggy.
2. Stir with a small whisk until all ingredients are thoroughly blended in the batter, especially the Nutella.
3. Microwave for about 1 min 15 seconds. Check on the cake. The top of the cake may look wet and moist but see if the inside section is set and cooked. If it is, you are done. But if you are worried that the wet part might still have raw egg, remove the thin top layer and flip over so that the wet part is sitting inside and no longer facing the top and microwave for about another 20 seconds so that the wet section cooks. Careful not to overcook or else batter gets too dry. Total cook time should be around 1 ½ minutes, and no more than 2.
4. Wait for the batter to cool before eating, about 10-20 minutes. I don’t recommend eating this straight out of the microwave because it sometimes has a little bit of an eggy taste which goes away if you let the cake cool and set.

Adapted from No Recipes

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