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Burger Lounge recently launched an organic quinoa salad and I was invited to come check it out. I was definitely intrigued since I’m a big fan of quinoa. While we were there, we also sampled some other menu items.

I’ve already tried the burgers before and was more interested in checking out the offerings.

French Fries and Onion Rings

I’ve had the fries before and liked them. They are seasoned and quite crunchy. We were encouraged to check out their onion rings this time and we liked them too. The onion rings are fried in a thin layer of seasoned bread crumbs.  Like the fries, the onion rings are very crunchy and I like seeing the little specks of dried green herbs.


Organic Quinoa Salad (Can be made vegan with the elimination of the cheese)
Roasted baby squash, corn, tomato, arugula, spinach, kale, red onion, toasted almonds, feta, and smoked tomato vinaigrette.

Normally, I’m not a big fan of salads. Salads are the food I eat when I want to lose weight, trying to be healthy, or eat a light lunch. But I absolutely adored this salad. It’s full of all these healthy greens like arugula and kale that I don’t usually like, but I loved it anyway. And it’s the first time where I found a salad full of only vegetables completely fulfilling.

The full size salad is priced at $8.95. At first I thought this was pricey, but then it arrived and it was humongous. More than enough for me and FH to share and we still had some leftovers.

The salad is tossed with a smoked vinaigrette which distracts you from the bitterness of the arugula and kale. I really enjoyed the dressing and even requested an ingredient list from the manager so I could try making my own. The salad is full of so many different textures: crunchy almonds, crisp baby squash, rough kale, soft crumbles of cheese. Every bite is so interesting and the large mix of vegetables made me feel like I was eating something healthy and hearty at the same time.

I originally ordered some grilled chicken to be added to my salad, but it definitely was needed.

Salmon Burger

The salmon patty was chock full of samlon and topped with their bbq sauce which is made in-house. It was served on a toasted, puffy bun. We both enjoyed this. I especially liked the bbq sauce which tasted like a smoky marinara sauce.

Ginger Beer and Vanilla malt milkshake

The ginger beer is a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage. I loved the kick of ginger in every sip. The milkshake was for the FH. He seemed to enjoy it a lot. I believe every burger place needs a milkshake and I was glad to one offered here.

I have to confess, I’ve never been a huge fan of the burgers here even though that is their claim to fame, but I was happy to sample other menu items and liked everything I tried. I’ll definitely be back for the quinoa salad soon. The salad debuted in Coronado last month and will be added to menus of other locations in June.

Please note, my food was complimentary. I was not paid for this review and my opinions are my own.

Burger Lounge
multiple locations in San Diego and Los Angeles
922 Orange Avenue
Coronado, CA
(619) 435-6835
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  1. That quinoa salad is a monster!! 😀 I would definitely feel full and satisfied after eating something with that many textures and flavors 🙂

  2. Hi Kirbie,

    I would really love it if you could share that ingredients list for the smoked tomato dressing! I loved this & have been trying to replicate at home.


  3. Hi Kirbie,

    Have you been able to replicate the smoked tomatoe dressing? How do you prepare the “smoked tomatoes”? do you roast them first? thanks!

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