Fuze is a new Korean fusion restaurant that recently opened up in Mira Mesa.

I was recently invited to come check it out. In addition to a full dinner menu, they also offer a large bar, with happy hour specials daily.

House made potato chips

We were given this to start off with. Nothing particularly special, but definitely a complimentary starter I have not seen before.


Each table has a buzzer which you press once you are ready to order or whenever you need staff to come over.

Salmon Sashimi

Executive Chef Jae Hun Sung has had experience working with Japanese, Thai and Korean cuisine, so I was interested in checking out the salmon sashimi appetizer.

The salmon was served with slices of oranges, lettuce and pea sprouts. It had a citrus, summer salad feel to it.

Bulgogi Sliders

I chose the bulgogi sliders for my main entree, which is their most popular dish. I loved this. The bulgogi meat was soft and tender, and served on toasted sweet rolls. The sliders were also served with a spicy, creamy sauce that tasted a little like the spices in kimchi. The sauce really bought the sliders together.

The fries were quite good too and came with some wasabi ranch dressing.

Kimchi Quesadilla

FH opted to try the kimchi quesadilla which was a new item not yet on the menu. It was served with a creamy avocado sauce and salsa. The quesadilla was filled with warm kimchi, bell peppers, pork. I found the fusion of flavors to be quite odd and didn’t really like my kimchi warm. FH liked this though.

With the large bar in the restaurant,  we couldn’t leave without sampling some drinks.

Berry Berry Tango and Rusty Nail

The Berry Berry Tango may be a very “girly” drink but I loved it. It reminded me of a sweet cherry soda and I liked the pink color and sugar rimmed glass.

The Rusty Nail was really strong. That’s all I have to say. I’ m not much for hard alcohols, but FH finished it so I guess it was good.

The music was quite loud while we were dining here, giving it almost a bar/club feel.

Overall, it was interesting to try some of the Korean fusion dishes even though I didn’t like all of them. I would definitely get the bulgogi sliders again, and would like to check out some other menu items too.

 Please note: My meal was complimentary but I was not compensated for this review and my opinions are my own.

9379 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
(858) 271-1302
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6 comments on “Fuze”

  1. This looks like it replaced Mr. Wasabi.

    FYI – I see that The Boiling Crab is soon to open on Mira Mesa Blvd (near Seafood City market).

    • I saw the sign for Boiling Crab the same day I visited Fuze. I def want to try it when it opens. Yes I believe this place did replace Mr. Wasabi. It’s a little bit of a work in progress I think. The owner really wants it to be more restaurant and not just late night crowd. I think the menu is there, they just need to work out some kinks.

  2. aw man, and i never did get to check out mr. wasabi! ha ha, that name always cracked me up. interesting menu this place has. i like the buzzer feature. it reminded me of a korean restaurant in s.f. that we went to that had buzzers at each table. those sliders sound good (except I don’t know if i’d like the kimchee sauce)

    • The sauce is sort of like a spicy cream sauce. Not exactly a kimchi sauce but it sort of reminded me of it, though doesn’t taste exactly like kimchi. I definitely recommend trying them if you go. I never went to Mr. Wasabi either though I always passed by it

  3. I’ve read early reviews on this place but wasn’t quite sure what type of food they were serving. Is this the old Mr Wasabi location? It’s nice to have something new in Mira Mesa thou! Did they have any traditional Korean stuff too?

    • I believe it is the old Mr. Wasabi location. They do have traditional korean food too. I didnt try any on this visit but I want to. They had their menu online before but the site does not appear to be working. I didnt take pics of the menu because when I visited, the menu was online.

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