Healthier 3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake


I made a chocolate cake this weekend that is easier and healthier than the original recipe and the best part is, it tastes better too.

You know I’m obsessed with easy recipes with only a handful of ingredients. I’ve been particularly obsessed with the different things you can make with cake mix. I used to make cake mix recipes to get rid of cake mix. But lately I’ve found myself buying more cake mix just so I can try out various recipes.

I found this recipe on Hungry Girl. I’ve already made some of the other chocolate cake mix variations: pumpkin puree and chocolate cake mix, coke and chocolate cake mix, but this is definitely my favorite variation yet.

Cake mix + Nonfat Greek Yogurt + water. Three ingredients and you get a fudgy, chocolate cake. And it’s delicious. So delicious that I actually prefer it over the original cake that comes from baking up the cake mix with eggs and oil. It’s that good.

The cake sinks down when it cools down so it almost looks like a brownie. The texture is similar to a cross between cake and brownie too. If you want it to be taller, you could use a smaller baking pan. I used a 9 x 13, but I think next time I might use a 9 x 9 for a thicker cake.

The cake is really rich and you don’t taste the Greek yogurt, nor does it really taste like cake mix. It’s great on its own and I think it would also be a great base for making homemade ice cream sandwiches. If you enjoy recipes with very few ingredients, check out the other ones I’ve made, all with four ingredients or less.

Healthier Three Ingredient Chocolate Cake


1 box chocolate cake mix (I used Duncan Hines chocolate fudge)
1 cup of nonfat plain Greek strained yogurt (I like Fage or Chobani)
1 cup of water


1. Preheat oven to 350F. Grease or line a 9 x 13 baking pan (or a 9 x 9 if you want something thicker).
2. Add all ingredient into a mixing bowl of stand mixer and mix on medium to high speed until batter is smooth. Pour into prepared baking. Bake approximately 30 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean (longer if you are using a smaller pan)
3. Let cake cool completely before cutting and serving.

Recipe from Hungry Girl

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