Flourless Banana PB Cookies

I know these look like the flourless eggless peanut butter cookies I just posted on, but they aren’t the same. Right after I made the yummy healthy flourless eggless cookies using Greek yogurt, I came across this recipe also making an eggless peanut butter cookie using banana as the egg substitute.

I was definitely intrigued as to what the banana would do as a substitute as I’ve never tried using bananas in place of eggs. These cookies spread more than my greek yogurt ones and most of them didn’t quite look as round and pretty. They were also a little more fudgy in texture. The biggest difference though was that you could actually taste the banana.

It’s good if you like banana and banana and peanut butter make a good flavor combination. But what I really like about the greek yogurt substitute is that you can’t taste the greek yogurt. Anyway, it was still tasty and it was fun to try a new variation.


You can view the full recipe here.

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