Chocolate Chip Mug Cookie

I’ve made enough cakes in mugs…but until now I’ve never made a cookie in a mug. Given my love for cookies, I couldn’t wait to try out this one minute mug cookie recipe I found on Art of Dessert.

So I tried it and it was easy enough. And it did look like a fat chocolate chip cookie. It wasn’t your typical oven baked cookie texture, but that’s because it’s made in the microwave. It’s not going to make my list of favorite cookie recipes, but it does the trick. It’s fast, easy, minimal clean up and it tastes like a cookie.

It takes about three minutes total to make the recipe. I finished eating it in even less time.

You can view the full recipe here.

11 comments on “Chocolate Chip Mug Cookie”

  1. What a cute idea, I’m definitely going to try this soon.

  2. this is what i always thought of but never actually did! im so excited

  3. Hold on a sec, how are the chocolate chips not melted??

  4. Nevermind, I figured out what I did.

    • The choc chips should only melt slightly. It’s like baking cookies, they don’t completely melt and once they cool down they solidify.

  5. The cookie looks super
    I just have to try this recipe

  6. more like a cake, had to eat it with a fork!

  7. Sounds super good gotta try this one!!!

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