Boiling Crab

After my initial visit to Boiling Crab, I was provided with many suggestions of what to order. So of course we had to make another visit.

Boiling Crab is a popular chain of Vietnamese Cajun style seafood. Seafood is ordered by the pound, steamed and then delivered to the table in plastic bags and buckets.

Cajun Fries

It seemed like every single person I talked to recommended the cajun fries, so I made sure to order them on this visit. I could definitely understand why these are so popular. The fry base itself has a very thick crunchy batter. It’s actually my favorite style of french fries. These extra crunchy fries are then dusted with chili powder, packing quite a punch depending on the spiciness level you order.


Shrimp With the Whole Sha-Bang

We also ordered a few pounds of the shrimp with the whole sha-bang sauce. The sauce didn’t permeate too much into the skin though because of the shell and these were messy to peel. Still, at least they were much less work than the crawfish we had last time.

Of course we had to order a couple of corn on the cobs. Yes it tastes great with all the seafood, but I really wish they didn’t charge 75 cents for such a small piece when corn is so cheap at the markets and they aren’t doing anything fancy to it other than throwing it to cook in the sauce.

Mussels with Lemon Pepper

This was my favorite of what we ordered. I prefer the lemon pepper sauce compared to the others, and the mussels are much easier to eat.

Clams with Whole Sha-bang

I enjoyed the clams too though found the whole sha bang sauce a little too much. I like just rajun cajun or just lemon pepper, but all the sauces mixed together are a little too much for me.

I felt pretty much the same about this experience as I did about my first one. It’s a fun atmosphere to go with friends. It’s not someplace I would frequent often, especially when there is often such a long wait. You can read my first post which includes the menu here.

Boiling Crab
9015 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126

4 comments on “Boiling Crab”

  1. I kind of feel the same way about Boiling Crab… I think I like Crab Hut better, but Boiling Crab is closer to us. I’d go back with a group of friends, but I don’t think I’d specifically make a trip there to eat. However, 2pm on a Sunday is a good time to go since that’s when we went and it was empty.

    • Yeah, those afternoon hours are a good time to go. I feel like it’s not something too hard for me to do by myself, and going there is mainly for the atmosphere.

  2. I feel the same way about the corn. I always make sure to save some leftovers and add in my own corn and rice when I get home. I personally love their sausages with the sauce. I tried the king crab legs the last time I went. Really expensive but amazingly delicious when you dip the meat into the sauce.

    • I love King Crab legs but they seemed so pricey, especially since the shell is heavy and it’s per pound. Great idea on the leftovers!

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