Current Bites- OMG Finds

Every once in a while, I’ll come across some new food finds that make me ridiculously excited.  These are items that I immediately want to tell all my friends about. Here are my current “Oh My God” finds that have made me want to do a happy dance.

No Drain Canned Tuna

Did you know Chicken of the Sea has come out with a no drain canned tuna?!?!?! I was so ecstatic when I found out.  I feel like this should have been invented sooner. But nevertheless, I’m happy. We eat a lot of tuna at home. We buy the large packs at Costco. We use them when we’re too tired to make dinner. I always carry one in my car in case I forget my lunch or don’t have time to go out and get something.

I’ve never enjoyed draining the tuna. And DH and I always argue about it because I don’t think he ever drains it enough, and I’ll have to redrain it after he’s done. So I am really loving this new option.

Not only are the cans no drain, but the changed the lid so you don’t need a can opener. The top just pops open. And you don’t need a spoon or other object to help you pop it open like some of those pop-open canned soups.  No draining, no can opener, the tuna is completely ready to be eaten. These photos are of the Thai chili flavor (which I also didn’t know existed).

I know that no drain tuna pouches already exist. But they are quite expensive so I never bought them. These new no-drain cans are only priced slightly higher than regular cans. The suggested retail value for the solid light tuna is $1.99 compared to $1.49 for the regular cans. When I was at my local Vons,  they were selling it for $1.59 since it’s a new item.


The no drain tunas come in Solid White Albacore Tuna, Solid Light Tuna, Solid Light Thai Chili Tuna and Solid Light Lemon Pepper Tuna.

Now if only they could invent an easier way to open those pre-made biscuit cans without scaring me half to death.

Disclosure: The first two cans I received of no drain tuna were complimentary. However my opinions are my own and I’ve actually already purchased several more.

Pearl Milk Tea Ice Bars

I love Taiwanese Tapioca/boba milk tea, so recently when I learned there is now an ice pop version, complete with the chewy tapioca balls, I was beyond excited. They first started popping up on my Instagram feed from LA folks I follow. But in the last month, I finally saw them at the Ranch 99 in San Diego.

The ice bars have a softer texture, more like ice cream. If you’ve eaten Korean melon pops, it’s similar to that texture. The bar is divided in half. One side is the creamy milk flavor which is pretty sweet. The other side is the tea with the tapioca bits. This side is not as sweet due to the tea, but when eaten together, they mix quite well. The tapioca are cut to be very small so that you can’t notice they’ve lost their chew which is what happens when you refrigerate or freeze tapioca pearls. I’m in love with these new ice pops. They also come in flavors like pineapple milk, but I like the milk tea best.

So that’s the end of my OMG finds currently. I know it’s only two items, but these are ones that I’m super excited about. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

6 comments on “Current Bites- OMG Finds”

  1. I like the idea of having these no drain, easy open cans for emergency lunches. I will look for these at Vons and stock up!

    • It’s so nice! And not having to use a can opener either makes it even better. It is literally ready to eat without extra tools or a sink nearby. Yes, look for it at your local Vons. The nice thing is that it’s priced cheaper right now since it’s a new item. I always stock up on my favorites when they have the introductory price.

  2. Ha! Our kitties would be sad if we stocked up on no-drain tuna – they always get a dish of tuna water when I open a can. But the thai chili flavor seems like it would be perfect to stash in the desk drawer for emergency work lunches.

    • Hehe, I guess that’s a good reason to keep getting the regular cans. But yes, I was excited to see flavors offered. I need to try the lemon pepper one.

  3. “Now if only they could invent an easier way to open those pre-made biscuit cans without scaring me half to death.”

    omg, so true. glad i’m not the only one. i can never open them b/c i have the can at arms’ length and i turn my face away and am already grimacing to brace for the impact/pop.

    • Lol!! That’s how I am too. The anticipation is the worst. I start getting sweaty and have to tell myself to breath and it won’t be so bad. I try to hold the can as far as possible from me and brace for impact, but it also still freaks me out.

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