Healthier Macaroni and Cheese

What is it about boxed macaroni and cheese? No matter how many gourmet, grown-up macaroni and cheeses I’ve eaten, cooked, and enjoyed, I still like the boxed kind too.  I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow this stuff.


I’ve had some cottage cheese sitting in my fridge I’ve been trying to get rid of, so I went searching for recipes when I came across a healthier boxed macaroni and cheese on A Duck’s Oven.  The recipe uses cottage cheese as a substitute for the margarine and milk.

With the substitution, you eliminate 304 calories and 44.4 grams of fat from the box.

The taste is lighter than the regular version and you do feel like you’re eating a healthier version, though it still tastes good. I was hoping the cottage cheese would somehow dissolve, but the chunks still remain which isn’t so pretty to look at. I wasn’t too impressed when I first had it but after doing the math, I would gladly do the lighter recipe again next time I have a hankering for boxed macaroni and cheese.

Healthier Boxed Macaroni and Cheese


1 box Kraft macaroni and cheese
1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese


Boil macaroni noodles until desired doneness. Drain noodles and pour noodles back into the pot. Add in cheese mix and cottage cheese and mix until the cheese mix is dissolved. Serve immediately.

Slightly Adapted from A Duck's Oven

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8 comments on “Healthier Macaroni and Cheese”

  1. Hmmmm – the jury is out on this one. I really like cottage cheese so, I might just like this. Rarely do I buy a boxed mac and cheese … but yes, sometimes ya feel like a throw back to high school days ; – )

    I’d also give it a good shake of hot sauce, too.

    • I don’t usually buy the boxed ones either. I usually make ones from scratch. But DH buys the boxed ones. And I always have some of his- I can’t resist! haha. But yeah, you might like this one. The cottage cheese does make it taste creamier and less fake cheese-ish.

  2. What if you tried pureeing the cottage cheese a bit before adding? It would make it smoother and not so noticeable. I definitely nee to try this soon! Thanks for the idea!

    • I actually thought about that after when I realized the cottage cheese chunks were not going anywhere. I’ll try that next time!

  3. Growing up we would use ‘2 caps’ of skim milk and maybe tsp of margarine. I’ve used the boxed directions as it turns out runny. In college I would just use a bit of the pasta water to thin the dry cheese. I’ll try this cottage cheese addition next time though. Thx.

    • Hmm, mine hasn’t turn out runny using the boxed directions. But anyhow, give this a try. It’s creamy, not runny. I liked it though it did taste a bit healthier than the original.

  4. one suggestion that you might also want to try – when i get a craving for boxed macaroni and cheese, i use greek yogurt. it makes things thicker and sort of tangy, which i suppose would be like cottage cheese, but without as many lumps.

    • Oh, I was actually thinking of trying that next time! I was thinking it might be similar and without the lumps. I’m also going to try pureeing the cottage cheese too.

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