One Minute Brownie

I have a quick brownie recipe that I really love, but I’m always up for trying new ones. I found this one that looked even simpler than mine because it doesn’t require you to melt chocolate.

It wasn’t until I started making it that I realized it was a gluten-free recipe and I was supposed to use gluten-free flour. I didn’t have any on hand so I used all-purpose.

The brownie was really quick to put together. And it was cooked in under one minute. The outside looked a little dry but that sometimes happens with microwave recipes. The inside was nice and fudgy. It tasted pretty good, but when it got cold, it dried out more and became very crumbly. I’m not sure if I overcooked it or because I used regular flour.

This was a good quick fix, but I still prefer this brownie mug cake I previously made, which you can find here. You can view the recipe for this one on The Family Kitchen. I followed everything except I used all purpose instead of gluten free flour. If I made this one again, I’d also reduce the cooking time. I could mine for one minute, but one minute was actually a bit too long.


2 comments on “One Minute Brownie”

  1. I loved your original one. I don’t think anything could top that one but I will try this.

    • This one is faster to make, but you also need to eat it asap. I like my original version a bit better, but if you’re feeling lazy or out of certain ingredients, this is one to try.

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