Blooming Nutella Chocolate S’more Pull Apart Bread

Two years ago I made “Blooming” Pizza Bread, basically a pull apart pizza bread that is shaped and cut like Outback’s famous Blooming Onion Appetizer.

Recently, I made a sweet version with a chocolate bread base, toasted marshmallows, and topped with a Nutella drizzle.

I cheated a little on the bread. I was originally going to make a sweet round brioche bread but then I was at one of my favorite bread bakeries in San Diego (Con Pane) and they make this amazing rustic chocolate round loaf which has the perfect balance of chocolate and sweetness and decided to use that for my base instead.

You can use any sturdy sweet round bread though, so you can replace this with brioche, the sweet Hawaiian round breads, etc. Or you may be able to find chocolate bread at your local artisan bakery shop. I also found some at Bristol Farms bakery which I used for my second attempt, where I also used mini marshmallows instead of the giant ones I originally used.

You make deep slices into the bread, forming a checkerboard pattern. You then slip in some marshmallows into the bread. I used large ones at first but they spaced out the bread too much. I then switched to mini ones which were perfect and you could easily place them into each of the spaces between the bread pieces. Then you toast it in the oven for about 10-15 minutes until the marshmallows are melted, and it’s ready to eat.

This is a perfect appetizer for a party and relatively stress free and easy to prepare if you use pre-made bread.


Blooming Chocolate S'more Pull Apart Bread


1 round loaf of sweet bread (brioche, chocolate bread, etc)
about 3/4 cup of mini marshmallows
1/4 cup of Nutella


1. Preheat oven to 375F. Using a sharp knife, make deep slices across the surface of the bread, making sure not to cut all the way down to the bottom. You wan to slice both vertically and horizontally across so that the surface resembles a checkerboard. Place a small ball of foil underneath the center of the bread. This will allow the bread to fan open and bloom.
2. Add small mini marshmallows between the spaces of the bread, spreading evenly across. Toast in oven for 10-15 minutes until marshmallows begin to turn a light brown.
3. Microwave Nutella for about 20 seconds and place into small piping bag. Drizzle across surface of bread once it is out of the oven. Serve immediately while everything is still warm.

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