Cake Mix Waffles

Cake Mix Waffles

Last week I stumbled across this great post showing different ways to use cake mix (I seem to have lost the link; I’ll update the post later when I find it). I love finding new uses for cake mix! One of the recipes included was actually one of mine, which is how I found the article to begin with.

Anyway, after reading through, I had so many new recipes I wanted to try. The one that was on the top of my list were cake mix waffles. I love making things in the waffle iron. It cooks up faster than baking in the oven.

I was curious how these would turn out. They didn’t have the traditional waffle texture, instead they basically are like cake in a waffle form. Which I guess you might think would be obvious but I’ve made other things in my waffle iron before like cookies and pizza dough and it doesn’t always come out the same.

Even though these don’t taste like traditional waffles, they do taste yummy. It’s not quite like eating a cake since they are flatter, so it’s more like a cross between eating a pancake and a waffle. I used a spice cake mix for this but you can use whatever flavor you want.


The only problem I had is that I had way too much leftover batter, so I ended up making little cupcakes with the rest.

I know I should have drizzled them in syrup, but they are already sweet since it’s cake mix. So I left out the syrup.

Cake Mix waffles


1 box of cake mix along with the eggs, water, oil required per box instructions


Make batter according to cake mix instructions. Preheat waffle iron and spray with oil. Pour a thin layer of batter into waffle iron. Cook until done. The timer may not go off at the right point, as these tend to cook a little longer than traditional waffles. The cake waffles should come out easily like regular waffles. Make cupcakes with leftover cake mix batter.

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8 comments on “Cake Mix Waffles”

  1. I might have asked you before already, but which waffle maker do you use? I finally decided to get rid of my under-heating, soggy-waffle-producing waffle maker. Haha.

    • Hmm, good question. I need to actually go look. Lol. I’ll check later and let you know. I know it’s Belgium waffle maker but I can’t remember the brand.

  2. Are they crisp or crusty on the outside at all? Thinking this would be a nice way to make a pretty desert. A quarter of the waffle, scoop of ice cream and chocolate or caramel sauce over it.

    • They were pretty much soft. They were a little crispy initially but they lost the crispiness pretty fast. Still tasty though. And yes, a pile of them would make a nice dessert.

  3. I was thinking of these for waffle ice cream sandwiches, remembering Cathy’s post on mmm-yoso for Baked Bear. But a dessert plate like Daveo suggests sounds yummy.

    • Oooh, ice cream sandwiches. I like how you think! Dessert plate also sounds good. So many possibilities to explore!

  4. This is such a great idea. I want to try this myself since I love cake and waffles.

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