Phil’s BBQ (San Marcos)

We don’t make our way over to San Marcos often, so when we were in the area last time, I tried to maximize our visit by stopping by the Phil’s BBQ location in San Marcos.

This was our first time visiting this location, and I was surprised to find that the wait time was not nearly as long as the Point Loma one. There were only a few people waiting to dine-in. There was a separate entrance for take-out orders and I did not have to wait long for my food.

Inside, there is a big dining area and a separate bar area.


We actually already had dinner, so we got some take-out for a midnight snack and lunch the next day.

Baby Back Full Rib Dinner

As always, the meat fell off the bone easily and it was smothered in Phil’s famous tangy and spicy bbq sauce.

Macaroni Salad and Potato Salad

The food was on par with Point Loma location but with much less of a wait time. It’s too bad San Marcos is so much farther for us, otherwise I’d rather come to this location when I’m craving Phil’s.

Phil’s BBQ
579 Grand Avenue
San Marcos, CA 92078
760 759-1400
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2 comments on “Phil’s BBQ (San Marcos)”

  1. I love Phil’s but the wait to get a table in Point Loma kills me! We always get the food to go unless we have friends visiting. Good to know about the lack of crowds in San Marcos!

    • Yeah I hate the wait at Point Loma, but it was so much nicer at San Marcos. I actually called ahead and asked the wait time and the guy I spoke with was confused by my question

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