Bacon Cups

I made bacon cups. Yes, that’s right: bacon cups. As in, cups made entirely out of bacon.

They are as delicious as they sound. They hold up really well and only need 3 strips of bacon each. I filled the bowls/cups with some fluffy scrambled eggs and herbs.


I’ve made many breakfast cup variations before, but this is my absolute favorite. I was in the car with Mr. K and he was driving. And suddenly the idea just hit me. I blurted it out. To his credit, he didn’t even react since me spouting out random food words is not at all odd to him anymore.

I am definitely making these again soon. These would be great for a brunch party too.

Bacon Cups


18 slices of precooked bacon (like the type you can get at Costco)


1. Preheat oven to 375F. Using a cupcake pan, take one slice of precooked bacon and line it around the interior of the cupcake mold, forming a ring. Take the second slice of bacon and fold it along the bottom of the cupcake mold, stretching it across the entire bottom (about 3 folds). Use the third slice to cover any gaps and reinforce your cup. Start by taking the bacon and lining it against one wall, down across the bottom, and up the other side wall, then break it off. Then take remaining and do the same starting in another direction, making sure to cover any other gaps.
2. Bake for about 12-15 minutes until bacon reaches crispness desired. Carefully remove cups, placing on paper towel to drain excess oil. Fill with scrambled eggs or anything else you desire.

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6 comments on “Bacon Cups”

  1. For my birthday, Travis bought me (as one of the small, jokey gifts) those bacon cups you see in the infomercial. We tried to make some with half slices of bacon (since I cut all our bacon in half before freezing them) but it really needs a long piece to form the ring/cup part. I think the bacon cup pans are silly since you can make them in a muffin pan (as you do), but they do have the added benefit of fitting in our toaster oven.

    I had no idea what to put in them (the recipe booklet suggests mac n cheese or salad), so I filled them with home fries and topped it with a fried egg. I don’t know if I’ll make them often, but they would be cute for a brunch!

    • You know I actually had not seen the infomercial and then after you and Faye mentioned it, I looked it up. hehe. Mmm, fries sounds good.

  2. I saw these on an infomercial and they looked really good. Can you use raw bacon for your version or does it have to be pre-cooked?

    • It’s a lot harder with raw bacon because you have to cook it a long time and it’s also hard to fit the raw bacon into the muffin molds.

  3. I just love the idea of using the bacon cups for scrambled eggs! I’ve made eggs baked in a bacon and toast cup. Bu this way I could use turkey bacon and egg substitute and cut down on the cholesterol.

    • I hope it works out well with the turkey bacon. I know it’s often hard to get the turkey bacon to crisp up the same way as pork bacon. Good luck!

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