Nutella Stuffed Waffles

These fluffy, short-cut waffles are stuffed with a gooey Nutella filling, perfect for a weekend breakfast treat.

I got the idea to make Nutella stuffed waffles last week. Normally, waffles have a liquid batter, making it hard to add a filling without it being quite messy. But I found a way.

Instead of regular waffle batter, I used Pillsbury biscuit dough. These don’t taste like biscuits. They taste like waffles that are slightly savory, but once mixed with the Nutella you don’t really taste the sale. And since the biscuit dough is a solid, I was able to easily sandwich the Nutella in the middle, seal it up and then press it into my waffle iron.


I recommend making one section at a time instead of a complete waffle. Each one does puff out a little past the edges (like the bottom right). You can leave it that way or slice off the edges, like cutting the crust off of sandwiches.

These came out delicious. Since the biscuit dough isn’t sweet, I also drizzled on melted Nutella. This is going to become a regular weekend breakfast.

Nutella Stuffed Waffles

This gooey breakfast treat is easy to make and perfect for the weekends.


1 can original or honey pillsbury biscuit dough (avoid the butter flavored or flaky ones because it will make the waffles taste buttery or be more layered)

8 tbsp Nutella spread



1. Grease your waffle iron and preheat. Take one pre-cut section of biscuit dough (Pillsbury divides each can into 8), and break in half. Flatten each half into a circle that is approximately the same diameter as your original biscuit. Add a heaping tbsp of Nutella to the center of one of the rounds. Place second round on top and seal edges.

2. Place sealed dough onto waffle iron, into one of the waffle sections. Press waffle iron close. Let waffle cook until golden. Remove and repeat with remaining dough. If desired, heat 1 tbsp of Nutella in microwave for 15 seconds, place in piping bag and drizzle onto waffles before serving.

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12 comments on “Nutella Stuffed Waffles”

  1. Great idea, Kirbie! I love stuffed french toast and know that stuffed waffles would be wonderful too. 🙂

  2. Genius. Stealing!

  3. I came here to say “OMG TINA IS GOING TO DIE OVER THIS IDEA” and she beat me to it! There’s a place in SF that serves stuffed waffles like this and they’re soooo yummy. Love the idea – yum!

  4. My boys would go crazy for these!!! Can’t wait to make this for them over the weekend.


    I don’t know if he ever did biscuits, but I’ll admit I did Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls once!

  6. I have to try this. Looks so good.

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