Sno-Zen Shaved Snow & Dessert Cafe

On my last few visits to the Bay Area, I tried on several attempts to visit Sno-Zen, a snow shaved ice spot that has become very popular. Several friends have told me how much they liked it and I definitely wanted to check it out, but for some reason they were always closed when I went.

Finally, on my most recent trip home, I was able to check it out. Sno-Zen has been doing quite well, even opening a second location a few weeks ago. We went to the original location in Mountain View. Even though the business has been around for close to a year, they don’t yet have any permanent signage.

Snow ice is a dessert originally from Taiwan that began making its way to the US a few years ago. It’s a cross between shaved ice and ice cream because the blocks of ice are frozen with milk or cream already mixed in. As a result, the texture is soft and creamy and falls in delicate ribbons when shaved. It’s reminiscent of snow when you dig in, hence the name. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know my obsession with snow ice. I feel the need to try every place I know of.

Sno-Zen offers the typical flavors of snow including taro, coconut, green tea, mango, etc. They also have a few limited edition flavors. Toppings and drizzles all cost extra, which is a little unusual. Usually places allow a free drizzle or two free toppings.


Taro with strawberries, bananas, mochi and chocolate drizzle

This one came out so pretty. It actually looked just like a photo they had on display which probably influenced my friend in his choices.

Large Taro with mochi and condensed milk drizzle

The taro one was a pretty shade of purple and with a pretty concentrated taro powder flavor. I love how beautiful the layered ribbons were. I shared this one with Mr. K, though in hindsight, I wished we had each gotten individual ones so that we could try other flavors.

Small taro

My other friend also went with taro, though he chose not to add anything extra.

One of my friends actually chose something different, a chocolate flavored one with chocolate drizzle. While it tasted good, it didn’t really photo well, so no photo of that one.

Overall, I enjoyed the snow ice here. It’s the best of all the ones I have tried in the South Bay Area so far and I want to come back and “research” more flavors.

2101 Showers Dr, Mountain View, CA 94040

6 comments on “Sno-Zen Shaved Snow & Dessert Cafe”

  1. I am so jealous that you have snow ice in CA. Tell them to come to the east coast! 😉

  2. The taro ribbons look beautiful. I think I have only had snow ice once or twice and it was icy and watery. Any good spots in SD?

  3. Those ribbony sheets of snow ice are so beautiful. I can just imagine how soft it would be….so pretty too with the light purple color.  

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