Mini Scone Muffins and a Giveaway

Today I’m sharing a twist on traditional scones and hosting a $100 Walmart gift card giveaway sponsored by BlogHer.

I’ve discussed my love of proper British scones ever since my trip to London last Spring. The tender crumb, subtle sweetness– I just enjoy everything about them and I wish I could do Afternoon Tea all the time.

But the reality is, most of us don’t have time for a leisurely cup of tea and scone on a daily basis. That pretty much only happens during vacation. I previously shared a recipe for traditional British scones, and while I adore them just the way they are, I thought I’d do something a little different. I’m always eating on-the-go, so I decided to make mini scone muffins. Perfect for a takeaway breakfast or a quick afternoon snack at the office, but also still adorable enough to serve as small bites for a proper afternoon tea.

The British brand Tate+Lyle® Sugars recently became available in the U.S., and is currently sold at Walmart. Tate+Lyle® Sugars has graced Britain’s finest tables, including those of royalty for over 130 years. I was immediately excited to make my scones with a British brand of sugar. They are available in Organic Pure Cane Sugar, Organic Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar and Natural Pure Cane Sugar.

Tate+Lyle® Gourmet Flavored Beverage Syrups will also be available in the Fall. Like their Facebook Page and join their email list for inspiring recipes and special offers from Tate+Lyle® Sugars. For my recipe, I used the organic pure cane sugar and organic turbinado raw cane sugar.

Normally, British scones are not too sweet because they will be spread with clotted cream and fruit jams. But since the idea is to make these mini versions portable, I added turbinado sugar on top, giving them a sweetness and crunch. I also brushed on some golden syrup before baking, which helped give the mini scones a beautiful color and provide some sweetness. It just so happened that my golden syrup, which I purchased for other baking needs, is also Tate+Lyle®!

These mini muffin scones are everything I could have hoped for. Light, tender, sweet. Now I can have scones whenever I desire.

Mini British Scone Muffins


3 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
1/3 cup cane sugar
2 tbsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
8 tbsp softened butter cut into 1/2 inch cubes (either soften at room temperature or microwave for about 20 seconds)
1/2 cup dried cranberries, finely chopped
1 cup whole milk
2 eggs

for tops:

2 tbsp golden syrup, warmed 10 seconds
2 tbsp raw turbinado sugar


1. Preheat oven to 500F and place rack on the upper-middle position (this will help give the scone tops a golden color). Grease a mini muffin pan.

2. In a food processor, add the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt and pulse until combined. Add butter to dry ingredients and mix until butter is incorporated and no large chunks remain. The mixture should resemble sand. Add the flour and butter mixture to a large bowl.

3. In small bowl, whisk milk and eggs. Pour the milk egg mixture into the dry ingredients bowl, mixing with a wooden spoon until just incorporated. Stir in dried cranberries. The dough will be very sticky.

4. Heavily flour your pastry board (about 1/2 cup flour). Knead dough 25-30 times, until the dough forms a smooth ball. Add more flour if needed (I needed more for mine). Break off pieces of dough and stuff into greased muffin molds, filling them completely so the dough is level with the top of the molds. Brush tops of scones with warmed golden syrup. Finally, sprinkle tops with turbinado sugar.

5. Reduce oven temperature to 425 F and bake scones for about 10 minutes, until tops are golden brown.

Adapted from Cook's Illustrated

All images and content are © Kirbie's Cravings.

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