Trader Joe’s August Edition

I haven’t seen a Fearless Flyer since June but I couldn’t help but go and check out the latest Trader Joe’s products.

Popcorn in a Pickle

This tastes just as it sounds: pickle flavored popcorn. If you love pickles, I think you’ll really enjoy this popcorn. If you don’t, then you probably won’t. I personally like the tangy dill flavor and have found this to be addicting.

Cookie Butter Cream Cheese

Yes, apparently Trader Joe’s is trying to cookie butter everything. This is their latest cookie butter flavored product. I don’t know whether to love or hate Trader Joe’s for making all these cookie butter foods I feel compelled to try. The cream cheese is actually not overally sweet and the cookie butter flavor is more subtle than I expected. I think this would make a good bagel spread.

Brownie Crisps

It’s as if they were making a batch of brownies and left them in the oven too long, causing them to become hard and crisp, but without actually burning. These pack all the flavor of a brownie but in a crunchy cookie form. I might have to try recreating these as I can’t stop eating them. I love the rich, chocolatey flavor.

Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

I’ve had sweet potato chips before which I really like and this is similar, but with tortilla chips. They have that subtle sweet and earthy flavor of sweet potatoes and a bright orange color.

Mini Roses

Okay, not a food and not really new, but I couldn’t help but pick up a small pot of mini roses. These look so healthy and pink.

That’s it for now. I also picked up some regular grocery items, but nothing too interesting to share. I recently have been buying my eggs from Trader Joe’s too as they are a lot cheaper than most grocery stores ever since the egg shortage started. I’m hoping a new flyer comes out soon. Let me know if I missed anything delicious!


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  1. I just got the Fearless Flyer in the mail yesterday, and plan on stopping there tonight. I saw the description of the Popcorn in a Pickle; I’m not a pickle fan, but I’m curious about the taste. The bacon popcorn tasted strange to me at first, then grew on me.

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