Holiday Entertaining Essentials

When we bought a home, I was excited by the prospect of finally being able entertain guests and host parties. Now nearly two years later, we’ve had dozens of friends over for special occasions and several overnight guests too. With the holidays less than a week away, we’re gearing up and getting ready to host more people. And today, I’m sharing some of the essential items we always stock up on before our guests arrive.

Fresh flowers– It’s amazing what a bouquet of fresh flowers can do to brighten up a home. I try to always have a fresh bouquet sitting on our dining table. This one is a mix of flowers along with fresh holly branches. I also purchased assorted pinecones to scatter on the table.

Kleenex®– These holiday versions of Kleenex® Perfect Fit are so festive. I enjoy the slim and stylish design, which allows you to fit one in just about any space. We have them scattered throughout the house, on every end table and bedside table.

Chocolate truffles– I always have a plate of chocolate assortments on the coffee table for guests. Right now, it’s chocolate truffles. The hardest part is not eating the entire plate myself.

Fresh baked cookies and paper towels– Writing a food blog means my guests always expect baked goods. I always keep some cookie dough in the freezer for this reason. With it being holiday baking season, I’m getting ready to gift out a few dozen cookies. I’ve made 3 different kinds so far and I still have 4 more kinds to make.

Since I do so much baking, I also use a lot of paper towels this time of year. What I especially like about Viva® Paper Towels is their Choose-A-Sheet option. It allows you the option for a bigger or smaller sized sheet, depending on what you need.

Coffee– I love offering coffee to our guests. I’ve been practicing my coffee art just so I can make cute designs for guests and we always have several coffee options available including espresso based drinks, decaf coffee, cold brew, and pour over.

Toilet paper– So it’s not exactly glamorous but it is a necessity especially when you have a lot of people over.
I think I have enough, what do you think?

Featured in these photos: Cottonelle® Ultra Comfort Care and Scott® 1100.

Coasters– Finally, make sure you have enough coasters! I bought these red ones especially for the holidays. Now that I’m a home owner with nice new furniture, I understand the importance of coasters for drinks.

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