Edible Flower Ice Cubes

flower-ice-cubesEdible flower ice cubes are a great way to preserve flowers and make an easy and elegant addition to your drinks.
This past Spring I planted violets in our garden. They made our garden pretty and provided me with edible flower garnishes for various desserts I made. Now that Fall is here, my violet bushes are withering away, so I decided to freeze as many as possible to make edible flower ice cubes. I did this over the summer as well, but in smaller quantities.

During my vacation to Japan, I noticed that nearly every place we ate at had these perfect sized squares of ice. They were slightly bigger than the ones my freezer make, but not quite as large as the ones used for whiskey. I loved how their appearance and was searching everywhere for similar molds when I got home. I finally found these ones on Amazon and have been using them ever since.
The ice cubes come out so lovely and add an elegant touch to any cocktail.

Flower Ice Cubes


  • edible flowers, washed and dried
  • filtered water


Add one flower (or several if they are tiny) to the bottom of each ice cube mold. Fill molds 3/4 full with water. Flower(s) should float up but still be submerged under water. Freeze until set.


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  1. These are so pretttttty! I love the purple color – it matches your blog 😀

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