40 Minute Bread Rolls

I really love the taste of freshly baked bread. If it’s the result of my own labor, that’s even better. But I don’t have much patience and so I don’t make my own bread often.

I love coming across easy bread recipes that don’t require a lot of waiting around. I came across a recipe for 40 Minute Hamburger Buns and was in the kitchen the next day making it. It’s 40 minutes start to finish including baking time. Pretty impressive.

And the taste is even more impressive. Super soft and fluffy. I gobbled two in a matter of minutes. I originally wanted to use them as hamburger buns and I even sprinkled the tops with sesame seeds . But once they came out, I didn’t think they were really ideal for hamburger buns. They didn’t bake up large enough for regular-sized hamburgers. They were somewhere in between the size of a regular burger and a slider. I also though the bread was slightly too sweet for burgers. Also the bottoms of the breads rolls cracked.


Nevertheless, these were delicious and I would use them for making sliders or dinner rolls. The recipe and preparation were similar to the 30 minute bread rolls I previously made but these didn’t have as much of that yeasty taste that was in those. The full recipe can be found here.

4 comments on “40 Minute Bread Rolls”

  1. These look so fluffy!

  2. Fill them with philly cheese and the result would be even more amazing

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